World banknotes – W,Y,Z list of countries

Foreign paper money from West African States, Yemen Democratic Republic, Yugoslavia, Zaire, Zambia and Zimbabwe for sale

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition and SCWPM(Pick) catalogue, General Issues, 12th Edition to reference the banknotes

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide running number of pieces if we have them. We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

CountryImagePickDescriptionConditionPrice S$
Western SamoaWestern Samoa 5 pounds for sale15-CS5 pounds ND (2020)UNC10
Western Samoa17-CS2 tala ND 2020 prefix SUNC25
Western Samoa19-CS1 tala ND 2000 prefix SUNC10
West African States 710-K/T500 francs ND 1991 -K-Senegal  T-TongoUNCSOLD
West African States 41000 francs ND 1959 Ivory CoastUNC foxing spotSOLD
West African StatesWest African States 1000 francs banknote41000 francs ND 1959
West African States Central African States 1000 francs111000 francs ND 1991- BeninVFSOLD
West African StatesWest African States 500 francs for sale719KI -Senegal500 francs 2012UNC4
West African StatesWest African States 1000 francs 2003715k-Senegal1000 francs
West African StatesWest African States 2000 francs 2003716k-Senegal2000 francs 2003UNC12
West African StatesWest african states 5000 francs717k-Senegal5000 francs 2003UNC28
West African StatesWest African states 10000 francs for sale718a-Ivory Coast10,000 francs 2003AUNC40
Yemen Democratic Republic Yemen democratic republic 500 fils banknote6500 fils ND 1984VFSOLD
YemenYemen 20 rials 19902620 rials 1990UNCSOLD
31500 dinara 1942AUNC15
YugoslaviaYugoslavia 500 dinara 1935 for sale
Yugoslavia 500 dinara 1935 back for sale
32500 dinara 1935Good/ VFSOLD
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 50 dinara banknote for sale6450 dinara 1946UNCSOLD
Yugoslavia *Yugoslavia 10 dinara 1978 banknote for sale7810 dinara 1978UNC1.2
Yugoslavia *Yugoslavia 20 dinara 19787920 dinara 1978UNC1.5
Yugoslavia 11610,000 dinara 1992UNC foxing1.5
Yugoslavia 11750,000 dinara 1992UNC2
Yugoslavia *Yugoslavia 5000000 dinara 19931215,000,000 dinara 1993VF1.5
YugoslaviaYugoslavia 10m dinara 1993 for sale12210,000,000 dinara 1993UNC4
Yugoslavia1261,000,000,000 (billion) dinara 1993AUNC10
Yugoslavia *Yugoslavia 5000 dinara 1993 banknote for sale1285000 dinara 1993UNC1.50
Yugoslavia *Yugoslavia 10000 dinara 1993 for sale12910,000 dinara 1993VF0.8
Yugoslavia *Yugoslavakia 50000 dinara 1993 banknote for sale13050,000 dinara 1993VF1
Yugoslavia *Yugoslavia 500000 dinara 1993 banknote for sale131500,000 dinara 1993 VF1
Yugoslavia *Yugoslavia 5000000 dinara 1993 for sale1325,000,000 dinara 1993AUNC1.50
Yugoslava *Yugoslavia 50m dinara 1993 banknote for sale13350,000,000 dinara 1993EF+3
Yugoslavia *Yugoslavia 500m dinara 1993134500,000,000 dinara 1993EF+1.50
Yugoslavia Yugoslavia 50m dinara banknote for sale13650,000,000,000 dinara 1993UNC4
Yugoslavia * Yugoslavia 500m dinara banknote for sale137500,000,000,000 dinara 1993AUNC-UNC10
Yugoslavia *Yugoslavia 10m dinara 199414410,000,000 dinara 1994UNCSOLD
Zaire (Congo) Zaire 10 zaires banknote2110 zaires 1979VFSOLD
Zaire (Congo) Zaire 10 zaires 1977 banknote2310 zaires 1977EF12
Zaire 5 zaires 1985 for sale265 zaires 1985UNC3
Zaire (Congo) Zaire 50000 zaires 1991 banknote4050,000 zaires 1991UNCSOLD
Zaire (Congo) 4350,000 zaires 1992UNCSOLD
Zaire (Congo) Zaire 5 zaires 1993 banknote485 zaires 1993UNC3
Zaire (Congo) Zaire 10 zaires 1993 banknote4910 zaires 1993UNC2
Zambia *Zambia 2 kwacha banknote for sale242 kwacha ND 1980UNC1.00
Zambia *Zambia 5 kwacha for sale255 kwacha ND 1980UNC1.20
Zambia *Zambia 10 kwacha banknote for sale2610 kwacha ND 1980UNC1.5
Zambia Zambia 20 kwacha2720 kwacha ND 1980UNC2
Zambia *Zambia 50 kwacha for sale2850 kwacha 1980-88UNC1
Zambia *305 kwacha ND 1989UNC1.2
Zambia 3110 kwacha ND 1989UNC1.5
Zambia Zambia 100 kwacha banknote sale34100 kwacha 1991UNC3.50
Zambia *zambia 2 kwacha 2018 for salePnew2 kwacha
ND 2018
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 2 dollars banknote52 dollars  1983UNC10
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 5 dollars 1997 banknote65 dollars 1997UNCSOLD
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 10 dollars 1997710 dollars 1997UNC5
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 20 dollars 1997 banknote7 820 dollars 1997UNC4
Zimbabwe zimbabwe 50 dollars 1997950 dollars 1997UNC6
Zimbabwe 11100 dollars 1995UNCSOLD
Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 500 dollars banknote12500 dollars 2001UNC5
Zimbabwe zimbabwe 1000 dollars 2003131000 dollars 2003UNC5
Zimbabwe64100 billion agro chequeUNC50
Zimbabwe zimbabwe 200million 200883200 milion dollars 2008UNC10
Zimbabwe zimbabwe 5 billion 2008865 billion dollars 2008AUNCSOLD
Zimbabwe zimbabwe 10billion 20088510 billion dollars 2008EF+ SOLD
Zimbabwe zimbabwe 50 billion 2008 banknote for sale8650 billion dollars 2008VFSOLD
Zimbabwe9050 trillion dollars 2008UNC100
Zimbabwezimbabwe 100 trillion 2008 for sale91100 trillion dollars 2008UNC200
Zimbabwe *1025 dollars 2019 *Scarce*UNC2.50
ZimbabweZimbabwe 10 dollars 2020 banknote10310 dollars 2020UNCSOLD
Zimbabwe11010 zig 2024UNC5.50
Zimbabwe11120 zig 2024UNC10