World banknotes – S list of countries

World paper money for sale from Samoa, Saint Thomas & Prince, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Seychelles, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, Somalia, Somaliland, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Straits Settlements, Suriname, Swaziland, Switzerland, Syria

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition and SCWPM(Pick) catalogue, General Issues, 12th Edition to reference the banknotes

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide running number of pieces if we have them. We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

SamoaAlso see polymer issue and western Samoa
Samoa  samoa 5 tala385 Tala ND (2008)UNC6
SamoaSamoa 10 tala for sale3910 tala ND 2006UNC12
Samoa * samoa 20 tala4020 Tala ND 2008UNC25
Samoa samoa 50 tala4150 Tala ND 2008UNCSOLD
SamoaSamoa 60 tala for sale4660 Tala ND 2023 60th anniv of independenceUNC55
Saint HelenaSee QEII notes    
Saint Thomas and Prince * St thomas 5000655000 dobras 1996UNC4
Saint Thomas and Prince *655000 dobras 2004UNC2
Saint Thomas and Prince st thomas 100006610000 dobras 1996/ 2004/2013UNC12/8 /5
Saint Thomas and Prince st thomas 20000 6720000 dobras 2013UNC8
Saint Thomas and Prince 6850000 dobras 2004UNC18
Saint Thomas and Prince7220 dobras 2016UNC12
Saint Thomas and PrinceSt thomas principe 200 dobras for sale81200 dobras 2020UNC60
Saudi Arabia saudi arabia 1 riyal11Saudi Arabia Monetary Authority 1 riyal ND 1966VFSOLD
Saudi Arabia saudi arabia 5 riyal 175 riyals  ND 1977VFSOLD
Saudi Arabia saudi arabia 1 riyal 1984211 riyal ND 1984UNCSOLD
Saudi Arabia225 riyals ND 1983UNCSOLD
Saudi Arabiasaudi arabia 20 riyals 1999 commemorative2720 riyal 1999 commemorativeUNC20
Saudi Arabiasauri arabia 1 riyal 2016 for sale311 riyal 2016UNC2
Saudi Arabia sausi arabia 5 riyal325 riyals 2007UNCSOLD
Saudi Arabia3310 riyals 2012UNCSOLD
Saudi Arabia saudi araboa 20 riyals4420 riyals G20  commemorative 2020 UNC20
Saudi ArabiaSaudi arabia 200 riyals 2021 commemorative for sale45200 riyals vision 2030 commemorativeUNCSOLD
SCOTLANDAlso see QEII and polymer issue
ScotlandBOS 1 pound 1967
BOS 1 pound 1967 for sale
Bank of Scotland 1 pound 1967EFSOLD
ScotlandScotland 10 pounds clydesdale bank for sale
Scotland 10 pounds clydesdale bank for sale
229Clydsdale Bank 10 pounds Robert Burns 2009UNC50
Scotlandnational bank of scotland 1 pound
National bank of scotland 1 pound back
258National bank of Scotland 1 poundAUNCSOLD
ScotlandRoyal bank of scotland 1 pound 1963 for sale
RBS 1 pound 1963 for sale
329Royal bank of Scotland 1 pound 1969UNC50
Scotland336Royal bank of Scotland 1 pound 1979VFSOLD
ScotlandBOS 1 pound 1981
bank of Scotland 1 pound for sale
111Bank of Scotland 1 pound 1981VF25
ScotlandScotland 20 pounds
scotland 20 pounds
36120 Pounds 2000 Queen’s Mother 100th BirthdayUNC120
ScotlandScotland 5 pounds nicklaus3655 Pounds golfer Jack NicklausUNC /
with folder
30 /35
ScotlandScotland 50 pounds for sale
Scotland 50 pounds for sale
36750 PoundsEF`SOLD
Serbia * serbia 10 dinara 194123100 dinara 1941 WWIIUNC12
Serbia serbia 1000 241000 dinara 1941VFSOLD
SerbiaSerbia 500 dinara 1941 for sale27500 dinara 1941AUNC15
Serbia321000 dinara 1942VFSOLD
Serbia*Serbia 50 dinara for sale4050 dinara 2005UNC2
Serbia *serbia 20 dinara5520 dinara 2013UNC1.50
SerbiaSerbia 100 dinara 2013 for sale57100 dinara 2013UNC5
SerbiaSerbia 200 dinara 2013 for sale58200 dinara 2013UNC10
SerbiaSerbia 500 dinara 2011 for sale59500 dinara 2011 prefix AAUNC20
SeychellesSeychelles 10 rupees 1976 for sale
Seychelles 10 rupees for sale
1910 rupees ND 1976VFSOLD
SeychellesSeychelles 100 rupees for sale
Seychelles 100 rupees for sale
31100 rupees ND 1983UNC120
Seychelles seychlees 10 rupee3610 rupees ND 1998UNC6
Seychelles seychelles 25 rupees3725 rupees ND 1998UNC12
Seychelles seychlelles 50 rupees3850 rupees ND 1998UNC23
Seychelles seychlelles 100 rupees39100 rupees ND 1998UNC30
Seychelles seychless 25 rupees4825 rupees 2016UNCSOLD
SeychellesSeychelles 50 rupees 2016 for sale
4950 rupees 2016UNCSOLD
SeychellesSeychelles 100 rupees 2016 for sale
Seychelles 100 rupees 2016 for sale
50100 rupees 2016UNCSOLD
Seychellesseychelles 500 rupees 2016 for sale
seychelles 500 rupees for sale
51500 rupees 2016UNCSOLD
Seychellesseychelles 100 rupees anniv52100 rupees 40th anniversary 2013UNCSOLD
Sierra Leone sierra leone 501750 leones 1989UNC foxing5
Sierra Leone sierra leone 50023500 leones 1998UNC7
Sierra Leone241000 leones 2002UNC9
Sierra Leone285000 leones 2006UNC15
Sierra Leone *Sierra leone 1000 leones 2020Pnew1000 leones 2022UNC1.50
Singapore *Orchid 1 dollar11 dollar ND 1967 Orchid series Hon Sui Sen red seal signVF6
Singapore11 dollar ND 1967 Orchid series Hon Sui Sen red seal signUNC15
Singapore11 dollar ND 1967 Orchid series Hon Sui Sen no seal signEF10
Singapore 11 dollar ND 1967 Orchid Series Lim Kim San signEF12
Singapore 11 dollar ND 1967 Orchid Series Goh Keng Swee signVF25
Singapore Singapore 5 dollars orchid25 dollars ND 1967 Orchid series Hon Sui Sen red seal UNCpm
Singapore 25 dollars ND 1967 Orchid series Hon Sui Sen red seal /Lim Kim Sangd VFpm
Singapore 310 dollars ND 1967 Orchid Hon Sui Sen red seal VF40-50
Singapore 310 dollars ND 1967 Orchid Hon Sui Sen no sealVFpm
Singapore 310 dollars ND 1967 Orchid Lim Kim San VFpm
Singapore 310 dollars ND 1967 Orchid Goh Keng SweeVFpm
Singapore Singapore 25 dollars orchid425 dollars ND 1967 Hon Sui Sen red sealAUNC-UNC /VFpm
Singapore 550 dollars ND 1967 Orchid Hon Sui Sen red sealEFpm
Singapore 550 dollars ND 1967 Orchid Goh keng SweeEFpm
Singapore6100 dollars ND 1967 prefix A/1 Lim King SanAUNC foxingpm
7500 dollars ND 1967 Hon Sui Sen red sealVF thickpm
Singapore81000 dollars ND 1967 Hon Sui SenVFSOLD
Singapore *Singapore 1 dollar bird91 dollar ND 1976 Bird seriesUNC3
Singapore singapore 5 dollars bird105 dollars ND 1976 Bird seriesUNC22
Singapore Singapore 10 dollars bird1110 dollars ND 1976 Bird seriesUNC35
Singapore Singapore 20 dollars bird1220 dollars ND 1976 Bird seriesUNC40
Singapore Bird 50 dollars for sale1350 dollars ND 1976 Bird seriesVF65
Singapore 14100 dollars ND 1976 BirdVF /AUNC130 / 200
Singapore 15500 dollars ND 1976 BirdEFSOLD
Singapore161000 dollars ND 1976VFSOLD
Singapore *Singapore 1 dollar ship171 dollar ND 1984 Ship seriesUNC2
Singapore*Singapore 5 dollars ship185 dollars ND 1984 Ship seriesUNC15
Singapore * Singapore 10 dollars ship1910 dollars ND 1984 Ship seriesUNC20
Singapore Singapore 50 dollars ship2050 dollars ND 1984 Ship seriesUNC75
Singapore 21100 dollars ND 1984 Ship seriesUNC150
24500 dollars ND 1984 Ship series Prefix A/1AUNC660
Singapore251000 dollars ND 1984 shipgd VFSOLD
Singapore *Singapore 2 dollars  lilac272 dollars lilac ship seriesUNC3
Singapore *Singapore 2 dollars ship282 dollars purple ship seriesUNC4
Singapore * Singapore 50 dollars ship for sale3250 dollars ND 1994 Ship seriesUNC80
Singapore Singapore 25 dollars MAS3325 dollars Monetary Authority Singapore commemorative in folderUNCpm
Singapore * 452 dollars commemorative millenium issue Yusof Ishak’s portraitUNC4.50
SingaporeHave current portrait series. Ask me if u want some.
FV +20% (exclude commemorative series)
Slovenia *slovenia 1 tolarB21 tolajev 1992UNC1.5
Slovenia slovenia 2 tolarB32 tolajev 1992UNC2
Slovenia slovenia 10 tolar banknote for saleB510 tolajev 1992UNC4
Slovenia slovenia 100 tolarB7100 tolajev 1992UNC8
Slovenia Slovenia 100 tolajev14100 tolajev 1992UNCSOLD
Solomon IslandsSee QEII notes and polymer issue    
Solomon Islands265 dollars ND 2004-2018UNC4
Solomon IslandsSolomon Islands 50 dollars hybrid polymer3550 dollars
ND 2015 hybrid polymer
Solomon IslandsSolomon islands 100 dollars 36100 dollars ND 2015 hybrid polymerUNCSOLD
Somalia * somalia 100 shillings35100 shillings 1989UNC6
Somalia somalia 500 shillings36500 shillings 1996UNC5
Somalia somalia 1000 shillings371000 shillings 1990UNC4
Somalia somalia 50 shillingsR250 shillings 1991UNC2
Somaliland *Somaliland 1000 shillings 2014 for sale201000
shillings 2014
South AfricaSouth Africa 10 rands
South africa 10 rands back
11410 rands
ND 1967
VF 2 pinholes15
South Africa south africa 2 rands1172 rands ND 1973VF4
South Africa 1185 rands ND 1973VF8
South Africa south africa 5 rands1185 rands ND 1973EF15
South Africa 12420 rands ND 1992UNCSOLD
South Africa 126100 rands ND1992(looks like P131)VF25
South Africa126100 rands ND 2005UNC40
South Africa *South Africa 10 rands banknote for sale12810 rands ND 2005UNC6
South Africa south africa 20 rand12920 rands ND 2005UNC10
South Africa south africa 50 rands13050 rands ND 2005UNC25
South Africa south africa 100 rands131100 rands ND 2005UNC foxing30
South AfricaSouth Africa 200 rand for sale132200 rands ND 2005VF / AUNC30 /65
South AfricaSouth africa 10 rands mandela13810 rands ND 2015 MandelaUNC5
South AfricaSouth africa 20 rands for sale
South africa 20 rands mandela for sale
13920 rands ND 2015 MandelaUNCSOLD
South AfricaSouth africa 50 rands mandela
South africa 50 rands mandela banknote for sale
14050 rands ND 2015
South AfricaSouth Africa 200 rands 2012 for sale
142200 rands ND 2016AUNC /UNCSOLD
South Africa14550 rands ND 2018 commemorative (looks like P-140)UNC20
South AfricaSouth Africa 10 rands 2023 Mandela issue for sale14810 rands ND 2023UNC4.50
South Africasouth africa 20 rands 2023 issue for sale14920 rands ND 2023UNCSOLD
South Africasouth africa 50 rands 2023 for sale15050 rands ND 2023UNCSOLD
South Africasouth africa 100 rands 2022 for sale151100 rands ND 2023UNCSOLD
Spain spain 100 pesetas 192569100 pesetas 1925VF10
SpainSpain 1000 pesetas 1925
Spain 1000 pesetas 1925 back
701000 pesetas 1925VF+ splitSOLD
SpainSpain 500 pesetas 1927 for sale73500 pesetas 1927VF85
SpainSpain 25 pesetas 19287425 pesetas 1928VF12
Spain spain 25 pesetas 19287550 pesetas 1928VF12
Spain spain 100 pesetas 192876100 pesetas 1928VF12
Spain spain 100 pesetas 103183100 pesetas 1931UNC foxing30
SpainSpain 50 pesetas 1935 for sale
Spain 50 pesetas 1935 for sale
8850 pesetas 1935EF25
Spain Spain 5 pesetas 1948
SPain 5 pesetas 1948 back
1365 pesetas 1948VFSOLD
Spain145100 pesetas 1953EF15
Spain1491000 pesetas 1957AUNC60
SpainSpain 1000 pesetas 1965
Spain 1000 pesetas 1965 back

1000 pesetas 1965VF+SOLD
Spain spain 100 pesetas 1970152100 pesetas 1970UNCSOLD
SpainSpain 500 pesetas 1971 for sale
Spain 500 pesetas 1971 for sale
500 pesetas 1971AUNC35
Spain spain 1000 pesetas 19711541000 pesetas 1971UNC55
Spain spain 500 pesetas 1979157500 pesetas 1979UNC25
Spain spain 100 pesetas 19791581000 pesetas 1979UNC30
Spain1655000 pesetas 1992VF15
Sri LankaAlso see polymer issue
Sri Lanka9320 rupees 1985VFSOLD
Sri Lankasri lanka 10 rupees10210 rupees 1991-1994UNC1.50
Sri Lankasri lanka 20 rupees10320 rupees 1991UNC3
Sri Lanka  Sri lanka 100 rupees banknote 105100 rupees 1992UNC8
Sri Lanka105100 rupees 1995VFSOLD
Sri LankaSri lanka 20 rupees 2005 for sale11620 rupees 1991UNC3
Sri Lanka sri lanka 50 rupees P11711750 rupees 2005UNC2
Sri LankaSri lanka 1000 rupees 2009 commemorative for sale1221000 rupees 2009 commemorative no folderUNC25
Sri Lanka sei lanka 50 rupees12450 rupees 2010UNCSOLD
Sri Lanka sri lanka 100 rupees125100 rupees 2010UNC2.50
Sri LankaSri lanka 500 and 1000 rupees commemorative set for sale
Sri lanka 500 and 1000 rupees commemorative set for sale
129 & 130500 rupees 2013 & 1000 rupees 2018 commemorative2 pcs UNC25
Straits Settlements11 dollar 192xoriginal VF 2 small pinholespm
Straits Settlements35 dollars
1924 contemporary forgery
PMG20 no remarkspm
Straits Settlements810 cents 1919VF small tear on toppm
Straits Settlements91 dollar 1928 “attap”original VF 2 small pinholespm
Straits Settlements161 dollar 1935 KGVVFpm
Straits Settlements175 dollars 1935 KGVOriginal F-VF no repairspm
Sudan sudan 1 pound
sudan 1 pound back
641 pound 2006UNC4
Sudan7420 pounds 2011UNC7
Surinam * suriname 2.5 198511921/2 gulden 1985UNC4
Surinam *Surinam 10 gulden 1963 for sale12110 gulden 1963UNC2
Surinam suriname 5 gulden 198512725 gulden 1985UNC4
Surinam* suriname 100 gulden 1986133100 gulden 1986UNC3
Surinam suriname 5 gulkden 1996 banknote for sale1365 gulden 1996UNC2
Surinam Surinam 100 gulden 1988 for sale139100 gulden 1998UNC3
Surinam suriname 50001435000 gulden 1999 (see photo)VF20
Surinam * Suriname 5 gulden 2000 banknote for sale1465 gulden 2000UNC2.50
Surinam * suriname 10 gulden 2000 banknote for sale14710 gulden 2000UNC3.50
Surinam suriname 25 gulden 2000 banknote for sale14825 gulden 2000UNC4.50
Swaziland swaziland 1 11 emalangeni ND 1974 UNC12
Swaziland swaziland 2182 emalangeni ND 1992UNC12
Swaziland swazoand 20 3720 emalangeni 2010 UNC5
SwazilandSwaziland 50 emalengei for sale3850 emalangeni 2010UNC12
Swaziland swaziland 10 emalengeni4110 emalangeni 2015 vision 2022 -hybrid polymerUNC3.50
SwazilandSwaziland 100 emalengeni 2017 for sale42100 emalengeni 2017UNC20
SwazilandSwazailand 200 emalengeni 2017 for sale43200 emalengeni 2017UNC40
Swedensweden 5 kronor for sale515 kronor 1978UNC8
Sweden65100 kronor 2010UNCSOLD
Switzerland  4510 francs 1965 VFSOLD
Switzerland swizerland 10 francs4510 francs 1969/ 1977VF / UNC15 /40
Switzerland4620 francs 1963UNC50
Switzerland  switzerland 100 francs48100 francs 1971VF+80
Switzerlandswitzerland 10 francs 20136710 francs ND 2013UNC28
Switzerlandswitzerland 20 francs 20136820 francs
ND 2013
SwitzerlandSwitzerland 10 francs for sale7510 francs 2017UNC26
Switzerland7620 francs 2017UNC50
Switzerlandswitzerland 50 francs7750 francs ND 2017UNC115
Syria *syria 10 pounds10110 Pounds 1977-92UNCSOLD
Syria*1111000 Pounds 1997UNC2
Syria*11250 pounds ND 2019UNC1
Syria*Syria 100 pounds 2019 for sale113100 pounds ND 2019UNC1.20
Syria * syria 500 pounds115500 pounds 2009-UNC2