World banknote – D, E and F list countries

Foreign banknotes from Denmark, Djibouti, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Estonia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Equatorial Guinea, Faroe Islands, Fiji, France, French Indochina, French Pacific Territories and French West Africa for sale

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition and SCWPM(Pick) catalogue, General Issues, 12th Edition to reference the banknotes

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide running number of pieces if we have them. We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

CountryImagePickDescriptionConditionPrice S$
Denmark6050 kroner ND 2004UNC28

61100 kroner Carl NielsenUNC38
DenmarkDenmark 50 kroner 2014 for sale
Denmark 50 kroner 2014 back for sale
6550 kroner 2014UNC20
DenmarkDenmark 100 kronor series 2009 for sale66100 kroner 2009 seriesUNC33
DenmarkDenmark 200 kronur series 2009 for sale67200 kroner 2009 seriesUNCSOLD

68500 kroner 2009 seriesUNCSOLD
Djibouti *djibouti 1000 francs banknote371000 francs ND 1979-84UNC25
DjiboutiDjibouti 1000 francs 2005 for sale421000 francs 2005UNC18
DjiboutiDjibouti 2000 francs for sale432000 francs ND 2005UNC28
DjiboutiDjibouti 5000 francs for sale
445000 francs ND 2005UNC60
DjiboutiDjibouti 10000 francs 2010 for sale4510,000 francs ND 2010 UNC130
Djibouti *djibouti 40 francs4640 francs commemorative 2017UNC7
Dominican republicdominican republic 5 pesos1185 pesos 1984UNC foxing6
Dominican republicdominican repoublic 10 pesos11910 pesos 1988UNCSOLD
Dominican republicdominican republic 1 peso1311 pesos 1988UNC foxingSOLD
Dominican Republicdominican republic 10 pesos 200316810 pesos 2003UNCSOLD
Dominican RepublicDominican reopublic 50 peso 2019 for sale18950 pesos 2019UNC3.50
Dominican Republic1931000 pesos 2019UNC45
EcuadorEcuasdor 5 sucres banknote for sale1135 sucres 1988UNC1.50
EcuadorEcuasdor 10 sucres banknote for sale120A10 sucres 1988UNC3
EcuadorEcuador 50 sucres 1988 for sale
12250 sucres 1988UNC10
Ecuador *ecuador 5000 sucres1285000 sucres 1999UNC6
12920,000 sucre 1999UNC8
EgyptAlso see polymer 2022 & 2023 issues
Egypt *egypt 50 piastres6350 piastres ND 2004UNC1.20
Egypt *Egypt 1 ppund501 PoundUNC1.50
Egypt5220 pounds 1978UNC48
Egypt6650 pounds 2013-2016 replacementUNC22
Egypt725 Pounds 2022UNC2
Egypt7310 pounds 2022UNCSOLD
77200 pounds 2021UNC40
Equatorial GuineaEquatorial guinea 100 ekuele 1975 for sale6100 ekuele 1975UNC foxed margins20
Estoniaestonia 5 krooni765 krooni 1992UNCSOLD
Estoniaestonia 10 krooni7710 krooni 1994UNC5
Estonia8425 krooni 2002UNC15
Estoniaestonia 2 krooni852 krooni 2006UNC3
EstoniaEstonia 10 krooni commemorative for sale9010 krooni 2008 commemorative in folder with coinUNC50
EthiopiaEthiopia 1 dollar 1966 for sale251 dollar ND 1966fine15
EthiopiaEthiopia 5 dollars 1966 for sale265 dollars ND 1966fine15
EthiopiaEthiopia 10 dollars 1966 for sale2710 dollars ND 1966fine15
Ethiopiaethiopia 1 birr411 birr ND 1991EF /UNC4/6
Ethiopia425 birr 1997UNCSOLD
EthiopiaEthoipia 10 birr 19914310 birr ND 1991UNC8
Faroe Islands2950 kronur 2011UNC20
Faroe Islands30100 kronur 2011UNC35
Faroe Islands31200 kronur 2011UNC60
FijiAlso see QEII and polymer issues
Fijifiji 5 shillings
fiji 5 shillings
375 shillings 1951 KGVIVF140
FijiFiji Y2k commemorative102Y2k commemorativeUNCSOLD
Fijifiji 10 dollars11610 dollars 2012(2013)UNC18
FIjifiji 20 dollars11720 dollars 2012(2013)UNCSOLD
Fijifiji 50 dollars
fiji 50 dollars
11850 dollars 2012(12013(UNC60
Fijifiji 100 dollars
Fiji 100 dollars
119100 dollars 2012(2013)UNCSOLD
Fijifiji  7 dollars1207 dollars commemorative Rugby ND 2017UNC13
FijiFiji 66 cents commemorative banknote for sale12388 cents commemorative God of Wealth 2022 Prefix ABUNC25
FijiFiji 7 dollars 2022 for sale122Seven Rugby Olympics
2020 (2022)
FinlandFinland 1000 markaa 1945901000 markkaa 1945 hugeVF tearhole at bottom marginSOLD
FinlandFinland 10 markaa 1963 for sale
Finland 10 markka 1963 for sale
10410 markkaa 1963VFSOLD
Francefrance 50 francs 1927
France 50 francs 1927
7750 francs 1927VF pinholesSOLD
Francefrance 50 francs 1937
france 50 francs 1937
8550 francs 1937VF no pinholes multiple creaselines (see photos)SOLD
Francefrance 100 gfrancs 1934
France 100 francs 1939 banknote
86100 francs 1939VF no pinholesSOLD
FranceFrance 500 francs 1939 rose blue series for sale
france 500 francs 1939 for sale
88500 francs 1939 “Rose et Bleu”VFSOLD
FranceFrance 1000 francs 1939
france 1000 francs 1939
901000 francs 1940 “Ceres & Mercury”EF+/ no pinholesSOLD
901000 francs
1940 “Ceres & Mercury”
fine small margin tearSOLD
FranceFrance 20 francs
France 20 francs for sale
9220 francs 1941 WWII “Labour and science”fine washedSOLD
Franceframc 50 francs 1941
france 50 francs 1941
9350 francs 1941VFSOLD
Francefrance 100 francs 194194100 francs 1940 & 1942 “Scully”VF20
France95500 francs ND 1937-40AUNCSOLD
FranceFrance 1000 francs 1944 for sale
France 1000 francs 1944 for sale
francs 1944
EF nicked corner180
France975000 francs 1942AUNC-UNC pinhole300
FranceFrance 20 francs 1950 for sale10020 francs 1950AUNC 2 pinholes25
France1021000 francs 1943
Goddess Demeter
VF repaired pinholesSOLD
Francefrance 1000 francs 1942
France 1000 francs 1942
1021000 francs 1942VFSOLD
FranceFrance 5000 francs empire 1035000 francs 1946EF380
France12750 francs 1947 “Neptune”VF-EF foxing margins30
Francefrance 100 francs 1953128100 francs Jeaune Payson 1954EF stain 2 pinholes35
FranceFrance 1000 francs 1948
France 1000 francs 1948 for sale
1301000 francs 1948EF
multiple pinholes
FranceFrance 5000 francs 1949
France 5000 francs 1949 for sale
1315000 francs 1949VF+ middle hole, pinholesSOLD
France13210,000 francs 1951/1954Fine-VF150
Francefrance 5 francs 1964 banknote1415 nouveau francs 1962/1963VF margin tearSOLD
Francefrance 10 NF
france 10 francs back
14210 nouveau francs 1961VF washed faded (see photos)SOLD
France14350 nouveau francs 1960 Henri IVVF pinholesSOLD
France144100 nouveau francs 1963 “Napolean”EFSOLD
1465 nouveau francs 1969
Fine /VF 15/35
Francefrance 10 francs 1970 banknote14710 francs 1970VF-EF50
FranceFrance 50 francsFrance 50  francs for sale
14850 francs 1973 RacineAUNC-UNC150
Francefrance 100 francs 1961149100 francs 1974VF no pinholes stained40
Francefrance 10 francs15010 francs 1978EF no pinholes10
France15120 francs 1997VFSOLD
Francefrance 20 francs 199715120 francsEF8
France15120 francs 1997UNC12
Francefrance 50 francs 198915250 francs 1990AUNC40
Francefrance 100 francs 1991154100 francs various years
UNC foxing spot 1 pinholeSOLD
France154100 francs 1990/1991VF15/25
FranceFrance 200 francs 1082155200 francs 1983VF30
France155200 francsEFSOLD
France155200 francs 1985AUNCSOLD
France156500 francs 1980-91VFSOLD
Francefrance 500 francs156500 francs 1980-91UNC120
Francefrance 50 francs 15750 francs 1994AUNC35
Francefrance 100 francs 1997158
100 francs 1997AUNC foxing15
Francefrance 200 francs eiffel159200 francs 1992VF+SOLD
FranceFrance 500 francs 1994160500 francs 1992EFSOLD
French AntillesFrench antilles 10 francs for sale
French antilles 10 francs 1964 for sale
510 francs 1963VFSOLD
French IndochinaFrench indochina 1 piastre
french indochina 1 piastre
481 piastre ND 1921-39VF30
French Indochina481 piastreAUNC foxing60
French Indochina495 piastres ND 1927-1931VF180
French IndochinaNew caledonia 20 francs for sale
French Indochina New caledonia 20 francs for sale
50New Caledonia 20 francs ND 1963VF30
French Indochina51100 piastres ND 1936VF/EF-AUNC180/380
French Indochinafrench indochina piastre P-54 for sale54b1 piastreAUNC foxed15
French Indochinafrench indochina 5 [iastres555 piastres ND 1932-39AUNC35
French Indochina5620 piastres ND 1936-1939AUNC-UNC120
French Indochinafrench idnochina 500 piastres57500 piastres ND 1932-39VF PMG 30 “pinholes”300
French Indochina601 piastre ND 1953EF60
French Indochinafrench indochina 20 piastres7120 piastres ND 1942-45gd20
French IndochinaFrench indochina 100 piastres P73 for sale
French indochina 100 piastres P63 for sale
73100 piastres ND 1942-1945VFSOLD
French Indochina
741 piastre ND 1949Good/EF20 /60
French Indochinafrench indochina 1 piastre 1945761 piastres ND 1945AUNC30
French Indochinafrench idnochina 50 piastres 1945french indochina 50 piastres7750 piastres ND 1945VF70
French IndochinaFrench indochina 10 piastres8010 piastres ND 1947VFSOLD
French Indochinafrench indochina 20 piastres 1947-518120 piastres ND 1947-51Fine damaged margin35
French Indochina8120 piastres ND 1947-51AUNCSOLD
French IndochinaFrench idnochina 100 piastres82100 piastres ND 1947-51VF35
French IndochinaFrench indochina 10 cents 1939 banknote for sale8510 cents ND 1939EF-AUNC15
French Indochina8620 cents ND 1939EF-AUNC20
French Indochina8750 cents ND 1939EF-AUNC20
French Indochinafrench indochina 5 cents885 cents ND 1942EF/AU15
French Indochinafrench indochina 10 cents8910 cents ND 1942EF/AU10
French Indochinafrench indochina 20 cents9020 cents ND 1942EF/AU10
French Indochinafrench indochina piastre921 piastre ND 1953AUNC25
rench IndochinaFrench indochina 19 piatsres cambodia piece for sale
French indochina 10 piastres cambodia issue for sale
9610 piastres ND 1953 Cambodia issueVF (see photo)SOLD
French Indochinafrench indochina 100 piastres cambodia 97100 piastres ND 1953-54 CambodiaVFSOLD
French IndochinaFrench indochina 1 piastreFrench indochina 1 piastre laos issue for sale
1001 piastre ND 1954 Laos issueAUNC foxing75
French IndochinaFrench Indochina 10 piastres laos10210 piastres ND 1953 Laos issueVFSOLD
French IndochinaFrench Indochina 100 piastres laos issue103100 piastres ND 1953-54 LaosVF250
French IndochinaFrench indochina 1 piastre1041 piastre ND 1953-54 VietnamAUNC foxing25
French Indochina1051 piastre ND 1954AUNC20
French Indochinafrench indochina 5 piastres 1065 piastres ND 1953-54 VietnamAUNCSOLD
French IndochinaFrench Indochina 10 piastres vietnam for sale10710 piastres ND 1953-54 VietnamVFSOLD
French Indochina108100 piastres ND 1954 Vietnam issuenice VF220
French Indochinafrench indochina 2oo piastres109200 piastres ND 1953-54VF200
French Indochinafrench indochina 50 senM150 cents ND 1942-45 Japanese OccupationEF+SOLD
French Indochina
French Indochina  japanese military money 10 yen for saleM710 yen Japanese occupationEF40
French Pacific TerritoriesFrench pacific 500 francs 1985 for sale
French pacific 500 francs for sale
1500 francs ND 1985UNCSOLD
French Pacific Territoriesfrench pacific 1000 francs21000 francs ND 1985UNCSOLD
Pacific Territories
61000 francs 2014 “turtle”UNC25
French West AfricaFrench west africa 5 francs
french west africa 5 francs
215 francs 1942VF no pinholes or tear30