World banknotes – C list countries

Foreign banknotes from Cambodia, Canada, Cape Verde,Central African States, Central African Republic, Ceylon, Chile, Colombia, Comores, Congo democratic republic, Costa Rica, Cook Islands, Cuba, Croatia, Czechoslavia and Czech Republic for sale

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition and SCWPM(Pick) catalogue, General Issues, 12th Edition to reference the banknotes

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide running number of pieces if we have them We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

CountryImagePickDescriptionConditionPrice S$
CambodiaAlso see hybrid polymer issue
Cambodia11 riel ND 1955VF35
Cambodiacambodia 500 riels 14500 riels ND 1970VF10
CambodiaCambodia 5000 riels 197317A5000 riels ND 1973UNC8
Cambodia281 riel 1979UNC foxing3
Cambodia Cambodia 50 riels 19793250 riels 1979UNC3
CambodiaCambodia 50 riels 19923550 riels 1992UNC foxing3
Cambodia46500 riels 1996UNC foxing3
Cambodia *5250 riels 2002UNC1
Cambodia Cambodia 100 riels 53100 riels 2002UNC1.20
Cambodia *Cambodia 500 riels 199254500 riels 2002UNC1.50
Cambodiacambodia 5000 riels 2004555000 riels 2004UNC foxing3.50
CambodiaCambodia 10000 riels for sale5610000 riels 2001UNC8
CambodiaCambodia 20000 riels 2008 for sale6020000 riels 2008UNC15
Cambodia*Cambodia 1000 riels 2013631000 riels commemorativeUNC1.50
Cambodiacambodia 2000 riels com642000 riels commemorative 2013UNCSOLD
Cambodia *cambodia 100 riels 201465100 riels 2014UNC1.00
Cambodia *Cambodia 500 riels 2014 for sale66500 riels 2014UNC1.20
Cambodia *Cambodia 1000 riel;s 2016671000 riels 2016UNCSOLD
Cambodia685000 riels 2015UNC4.50
CambodiaCambodia 200 riels 2022 for salePnew200 riels 2022UNC1
CambodiaPnew2000 riels 2022UNC2.50
CanadaAlso see QEII and polymer issue
Canadacanada 1 dollar 581 dollar KGVI Gordon
Canadacanada 2 dolars592 dollars KGVI Gordon TowersVF45
CanadaCanada 5 dollars 1979 for sale
Canada 5 dollars 1979 for sale
925 dollars ND 1979EF35
CanadaCanada 5 dollars 1986955 dollars 1986UNC foxed margin20
Canadacanada 10 dollars 9610 dollars 1989EF32
CanadaCanada 10 dollars 200510210 dollars 2005UNC25
Cape VerdeCape verde 500 escudos 2002 for sale64500 escudos 2002UNC18
Cape VerdeCape verde 500 escudos 2007 for sale69500 escudos 2007UNCSOLD
Cape VerdeCape Verde 1000 escudos 2007701000 escudos 2007UNC30
Cape VerdeCape Vrrde 2000 escudos 2014
Cape Verde 2000 escudos 2014 for sale

2000 escudos 2014UNC60
Central African Republiccentral african republic 5000 francs 1980115000 francs 1980 hugeVF350
Central African RepublicCentral African States 500 francs14500 francs ND 1985-91UNC foxing15
Central African StatesCentral african states 2000 francs gabon issueP-1032000 francs CAS issue 2000UNC25
Central African States401L500 francs  ND 1993
Congo/Gabon (Like 601P)
Central African StatesCentral African States 10000 francs 2002410T10000 francs TogoVF / UNC small stain22 / 30
Central African StatesCentral African States 5000 francs for sale5045000 francs ‘L’- GabonVF25
Central African StatesCentral African States 500 francs 601P500 francs Chad ND 1994-UNC15
Central African States606C500 francs CHAD ND 2002UNC8
Central African Statescentral african states 1000 francs 2002 for sale207-U1,000 francs Cameroon ND 2002UNC12
Central African Statescentral african states 5000 francs for sale209-U5,000 francs central african republic ND 2002UNC40
Ceylonceylon 25 cents4425 cents KGVI 1942VF40
Ceylonceylon 2 rupees 1977 for sale722 rupee 1977AUNC pinholesSOLD
ceylon 5 rupees
735 rupees 1974VFSOLD
Ceylon7410 rupees 1971-75F/ VF5/8
Ceylonceylon 2 rupees 1979832 rupees 1979UNC10
Ceylonceylon 5 rupees 1979845 rupees 1979UNC25
Ceylonsri lanka 20 rupees 1979 for sale
8620 rupees 1979VFSOLD
CeylonCeylon 50 rupees 1979
ceylon 50 rupees 1979 back note
8750 rupees 1979VF45
Chilechile 50 pesos1265 centimos on 50 escudosND 1960UNC foxing4
Chilechile 100 p;esos127100 pesos ND 1960UNC4
Chilechile 1 escudo1361 escudo ND 1964UNC4
Chilechile 5 pesos1195 pesos 1958UNC3
CHINASee China banknotes page
Colombia4041 peso 1973UNC6
ColombiaCololmbia 1000 pesos 1995 for sale4381000 pesos 1995UNC8
Colombiacolombia 2000 pesos 4452000 pesos 1998UNC7
Colombia *Colombia 1000 pesos 20154561000 pesos 2015UNC2
Colombia *Colombia 2000 pesos 2015 for sale4582000 pesos 2015UNC2
Colombia4595000 pesos 2018UNC6
Colombia46010,000 pesos 2019UNC12
Comoroscomores 500 francs10500 francs ND 1984UNC20
Comores 500 francs 2006 for sale
15500 francs 2006UNC8
Comorescomores 1000 francs 2006161000 francs 2005UNC15
ComoresComores 2000 francs 2005 for sale172000 francs 2005UNC22
Comorescomores 5000 francs185000 francs 2006UNC38
Comorescongo 10000 francs1910000 francs 2006UNC75
CongoCongo 20 francs 1962 for sale420 francs 1962VF50
Congocongo 1000 francs 1991 for sale
Congo 1000 francs 1991 for sale
101000 francs 1991UNC85
Congo democratic republiccongo 20 centimes 19978320 centimes 1997UNC3
Congo democratic republiccongo 50 centines 19978450 centimes 1997UNC4
Congo democratic republiccongo 20 francs 19978820 francs 1997UNCSOLD
Congo democratic republic9150 francs 2000 (looks like P97)UNC4
Congo democratic republiccongo 100 francs92100 francs 2000UNC8
Congo democratic republiccongo 20 francs 20039420 francs 2003UNC2
Congo democratic republic *congo 50 francs 20079750 francs 2007UNC1.50
Congo democratic republic98100 francs 2007 (looks like P92)UNC4.50
Congo democratic republiccongo200 francs 200799200 francs
Congo democratic republiccongo democratic republic 1000 francs1011,000 francs 2020UNCSOLD
Congo democratic republicCongo demo republic 5000 francs 2020 for sale1025,000 francs 2020UNC15
Congo democratic republicCongo  demo republic 10000 francs for sale10310,000 francs 2020UNC25
Congo democratic republicCongo demo republic 20000 francs for sale
Congo democratic republic 2000 francs for sale
10420,000 francs 2020UNC45
Cook IslandsAlso see polymer issue
Cook Islandscooks islands 3 dollars33 dollars ND 1987UNC15
Cook IslandsCook islands 10 dollars for sale410 dollars ND 1987UNC
low serial number
Cook Islands520 dollars ND 1987UNC120
Cook IslandsCook islands 3 dollars 1992 73 dollars ND 1992UNC8
Cook Islandscook islands 10 dollars810 dollars 1992 prefix AAAUNC15
Cook islands920 dollars 1992 prefix AAAUNC20
Cook Islandscook isldands 50 dollars1050 dollars 1992 prefix AAAUNC25
Costa ricaAlso see polymer issue
Costa ricaCosta rica 1 colone 1917 for salePS-121R1 colones 1917UNC15
Costa ricacosta rica 10 colones 198223710 colones 1982UNC foxing6
Costa ricacosta rica 5 colones2385 colones 1985UNC3.50
Costa ricacosta rica 50 colones25750 colones 1993UNC foxing5
Costa ricacosta rica 100 colones258100 colones 1990UNC foxing5
Costa ricacosta tic 1000 colones 2004 banknote2641000 colones 2004UNC8
Costa ricacosta rica 2000milcosta rica 2000 colones2652000mil colones 2003 series AUNC18
Costa ricacosta rica 2 mil 2752000 mil colones ND 2010-UNC12
Costa ricacosta rica 5mil
costa rica 5mil
2765000 mil colones 2009UNCSOLD
Costa ricacosta rica 10mil
costa rica 10mil colones
27710000 mil colones 2009 series AUNCSOLD
CroatiaCroatia 1000 kuna 1941 for sale41000 kuna 1941 German occupiedVF15

121000 kuna 1943VFSOLD
Croatiacroatia 5000 kuna135000 kuna 1943Good8
CroatiaCroatia 5000 kuna 1945 for sale145000 kuna 1943EFSOLD
Croatia*costa rica 50000 dinara 2650000 dinara 1993UNC1.50
Croatia *croatia 1000000 dinara27100000 dinara 1993UNC2
Croatiacroatia 50 kuna for sale4050 kuna 2002VFSOLD
42200 kuna 2012UNC80
Cubacuba 20 pesos 19608020 pesos 1949EFSOLD
Cubacuba 20 pesos 19608810 pesos 1960EFSOLD
Cubacuba 100 pesos 195993100 pesos 1959EF12
Cubacuba 1 peso 19721021 peso 1972UNC foxing5
Cubacuba 5 peso 19901035 peso 1990UNCSOLD
CubaCuba 5 pesos 2017 for sale1165 pesos 2017UNC5
CubaCuba 10 pesos 2016 for sale11710 pesos 2016UNC10
CubaCuba 20 pesos 2021 for sale12220 pesos 2021UNC15
CubaCuba 50 pesos 2002 for sale
12350 pesos 2002UNC25
Cuba*Cuba 1 peso 20031251 peso 2003 150th anniv birth of Jose MartiUNC1.50
Cuba *cuba 3 pesos1273 pesos 2004 commemorativ Che GueveraUNC3
CubaCuba 100 pesos 2019 for sale129100 pesos 2019 seriesVF25
P-new500 pesos 2022AUNC30
Cyprus601 pound 2004UNC10
CyprusCyprus 5 pounds615 pounds 2003UNC35
65s1000 korun 1965 specimenAUNC120
Czechoslavakia7020 korun 1949VF30
73s500 korun 194 6 specimenAUNC120
Czechoslovakia8725 korun 1958VF20
Czechoslavakia9050 korun 1964VF20
Czechoslavakia91100 korun 1961Fine15
Czechoslavakia93500 korun 1973VF20
Czechoslovakiaczech 0 korun 19869410 korun 1986VF /UNC8 /12
CzechoslovakiaCzechslovakia 50 korun for sale
Cezchslovakia 50 korun for sale
9650 korun 1987FineSOLD
Czechoslovakiaczechoslovakia 1000 korun 1985 for sale
czechoslovakia 1000 korun for sale
981000 korun 1985VF45
Czech republicczech republic 20 korun1020 korun 1994UNC foxing10
Czech republic
14500 korun 1995VF30
Czech republiccezech republic 1000 korun for sale151000 korun 1996VF60
Czech republic11 (looks like P17)50 korun 1994VF6
Czech republic1750 korun 1997VF8
Czech republicczech republic 50 korun1750 korun 1997EF10
Czech republicczech republic 100 korun18100 korun 1997VF6
Czech republic
19200 korun 1998VF12