Terms of Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We are humans and may make errors when displaying prices. We reserve the right not to sell the banknote if the stated price on our website is erroneous.
  • If the pick and the photo of the note is not same per pick number, the photo will take precedence and you can always confirm with us.
  • No minimum purchase order. We do this as a hobby interest business primarily and not as full time paper money dealer career. 😊
  • We accept payments in US and Euro dollars via :-
    (a) Paypal and Payoneer– Please add 4.5% to cover finance charges. The 4.5% is on total purchase plus shipping charge.

    (b) Fund transfer to our bank account – We will provide bank account details upon confirmed order. We have a US dollar and Euro denominated bank accounts using transferwise.

    (c ) Local buyers – Paynow or Google pay works fine.
  • Our prices are in Singapore dollars. Please use the currency converter if you prefer to read in US$ or Euro. Sorry, we only have these 2 currency conversions.

Do we do trade or swap?

  • We can trade your country’s current issues or whatever current currencies you have on hand in lieu of full or partial payment of your order. We are only interested in uncirculated currencies under this option.
  • Please note we may not want to do trade in for your currencies if we have them or do not need them in quantity anytime soon, e.g. we do not need US$ or Euro. or Indian rupees