World banknotes- U,V list of countries

Foreign world banknotes for sale from Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States of America, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vanuatu, Vietnam /South Vietnam

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition and SCWPM(Pick) catalogue, General Issues, 12th Edition to reference the banknotes

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide running number of pieces if we have them. We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

CountryImagePickDescriptionConditionPrice S$
Uganda uganda 20 shillings P3
uganda 20 shillings P3
320 shillings ND 1966UNC15
Uganda uganda 5 shillings amin5A5 shillings Adi AminUNCSOLD
Uganda Uganda 20 shillings Amin720 shillings Adi AminUNC8
UgandaUganda 50 shillings Amin850 shillings
Adi Amin
Uganda Uganda 10 shillings P111110 shillings ND 1979UNC10
Uganda uganda 1100 shillings P1414100 shillings ND 1979UNCSOLD
UgandaUganda 5 shillings 1982155 shillings ND 1982UNC2.50
Uganda uganda 20 shillings P171720 shillings ND 1982UNC foxing6
Uganda Uganda 100 shillings pick19 banknote for sale19100 shillings ND 1982UNC10
Uganda uganda 50 shillings P202050 shillings ND 1983UNC5
Uganda uganda 100 shillings P2121100 shillings ND 1983EF foxing8
Uganda Uganda 500 shillings24500 shillings ND 1986UNC8
Uganda251000 shillings ND 1986UNC foxingSOLD
Uganda Ugana 5000 shillings 1986 banknote265000 shillings 1986UNC22
Uganda uganda 500 shillinsg P3535500 shillings  1998 elephantUNC6
Uganda361000 shillings 1997 “giraffe”UNCSOLD
Uganda * Uganda 1000 shillings P43431000 shillings 2008UNC3.50
Uganda * Uganda 1000 shillings 2019491000 shillings ND 2010UNC2.5
Uganda * uganda 2000 shilling
uganda 2000 shillings 2019
502000 shillings ND 2010UNC6
Ukraine ukraine 2 hyren1042 hyvren 1992UNC5
Ukraineukraine 2 hvyren 20041172 hyvren 2994UNCSOLD
Ukraine * ukraine 5 hyvren 20131185 hyvren 2004UNC5
Ukraine Ukraine 20 hyvren 2003 banknote for sale12120 hyvren 2003UNC13
United Arab Emirates UAE 5 dirhams
UAE 5 dirhmas

25 dirhams 1973VF15
United Arab Emirates UAE 5 durhmasUAE 5 dirhams P12195 dirhams 1997-VFSOLD
United States * USA 1 dollar star 1 dollar star note series 2013UNC6
United States *  1 dollar series 2013UNC3
United States *  2 dollars series 2003UNC8
United States US 2 dollars 1953 2 dollars series 1953 CUNC45
United States  2 dollars series 1963AUNC35
Uruguay Uruguay 100 pessos46100 pesos ND 1967 series AUNC foxing3
Uruguay Uruguay 100 pesos 1967 banknote for sale63100 pesos ND 1975 series GUNC foxing 3
UruguayUruguay 200 pesos 1986
Uruguay 200 pesos 1986 back
66200 pesos 1986UNCSOLD
Uzbekistan Uzbekistan 5 som 1994 banknote for sale755 som 1994UNC1
Uzbekistan *uzbekistan 50 som 19947850 som 1994UNC1.50
Uzbekistan *uzbekistan 100 som banknote for sale79100 som 1994EF1
Uzbekistan *uzbekistan 2000 som 2021 for sale862000 som 2021UNCSOLD
Venezuela venezuela 100 bolivares 1978 banknote for sale55100 bolivares 1978VFSOLD
Venezuela Venezuela 10 bolivares P60 banknote for sale6010 bolivares 1980/1981 commemorativeVF6
VenezuelaVenezuela 20 bolivares 1987
venezuela 20 bolivares 1987 back
7120 bolivares 1987 commemorativeUNCSOLD
Venezuela venezuela 1000 bolivares P76761000 bolivares 1998UNC8
Venezuela see set895 bolivares 2008UNC1.5
Venezuela see set9010 bolivares 2008UNC2
Venezuela see set9120 bolivares 2008UNC2.5
Venezuela see set9250 bolivares 2008UNC3
Venezuelasee set 93100 bolivares 2015UNC3.5
Venezuela *venezuela 500 bolivares banknote for sale94500 bolivaires 2017UNC1
Venezuela *Venezuela 1000 bolivares banknote for sale951000 bolivares 2017UNC1.5
VietnamAlso see polymer issue
VietnamVietnam 5 dong 1946
Vietnam 5 dong 1946 for sale
35 Dong ND 1946VFSOLD
VietnamVietnam 1 dong 1947
Vietnam 1 dong 1947 for sale
91 Dong ND 1957AUNC25
Vietnam vietnaam 1 dong 1948151 Dong ND 1948AUNC25
Vietnam vietnam 5 dong 1948165 Dong ND 1948EF25
Vietnam2420 Dong ND 1948VFSOLD
Vietnam2750 Dong ND 1948VF35
VietnamVietnam 100 dong 1948
Vietnam 100 dong 1948 guerilla issue for sale
28100 Dong ND 1948VFSOLD
Vietnam31500 Dong 1949VFSOLD
Vietnam vietnam 50 dong 19503250 Dong ND 1950EF-AUNC100
Vietnam34200 Dong 1950VFSOLD
Vietnam vietnam 10  dong 19523710 Dong ND 1952EF/AUNC35
Vietnam vietnm 20 dong 195160b20 Dong 1951VF55
Vietnam60b20 Dong 1951EF75
Vietnam vietnam 50 dong 195161b50 Dong 1951EF50
VietnamVietnam 100 dong 1951
Vietnam 100 dong 1951 back for sale
62100 Dong 1951UNCSOLD
Vietnam vietnam 500 dong 195164500 Dong 1951VFSOLD
VietnamVietnam 1000 ding 1951 for sale
Vietnam 1000 dong 1951 for sale
651000 Dong 1951VFSOLD
Vietnam Vietnam 1 dong 1958711 Dong 1958EF25
Vietnam722 Dong 1958UNCSOLD
Vietnam vietnam 5 dong 1958735 Dong 1958AUNCSOLD
Vietnam vietnam 10 dong 19587410 Dong 1958UNCSOLD
Vietnam vietnam 5 xu 1964-75765 Xu ND 1964-75UNC foxingSOLD
Vietnam vietnam 1 hao 1972771 Hao 1972VF5
Vietnam vietnam 5 ho 1976795 Hao 1976AUNC foxing6
Vietnam vietnam 1 dong 1976801 Dong 1976UNC6
Vietnam vietnam 5 ong 1976815 Dong 1976UNC8
Vietnam vietnam 10 dong 19768210 Dong 1976UNC foxing12
Vietnam vietnam 20 dong 19768320 Dong 1976EF15
Vietnam vietnam 50 dong 19768450 Dong 1976EF8
Vietnam vietnam 2 dong 1980852 Dong 1980UNC w/foxing6
Vietnamvietnam 10 dong 19808610 Dong 1980AUNC6
Vietnam vietnam 30 dong 19818730 Dong 1981VF15
Vietnam vietnam 100 dong 1980 banknote88100 Dong 1980VF8
Vietnam vietnam 5 hao 1985895 Hao 1985AUNC10
Vietnam vietnam 1dong 1985901 Dong 1985AUNC 6
Vietnam vietnam 5 dong 1985915 Dong 1985AUNC foxing4
Vietnam vietnam 10 dong 19859210 Dong 1985AUNC foxing10
Vietnam vietnam 20 dong 19859320 Dong 1985UNC5
Vietnam vietnam 30 dong 19859430 Dong 1985AUNC foxing15
Vietnam vvietnam 50 dong 19859550 Dong 1985AUNC foxing4
Vietnam vietnam 100 dong 1985 banknote98100 Dong 1985UNC 15
Vietnam 98100 Dong 1985VF10
Vietnam vietnam 500 dong 197699500 Dong 1985VF15
Vietnam 99500 Dong
Fine 5
Vietnam *100200 Dong 1987VF1
Vietnam *vietnam 500 dong 1988101500 Dong 1988UNC1.5
Vietnam 1045000 Dong 1987AUNC foxing4
Vietnam * 1061000 Dong 1988UNC1
Vietnam *Vietnam 2000 dong 19881072000 Dong 1988UNC1.5
Vietnam vietnam 5000 dong 19911085000 Dong 1991  UNC 6
Vietnam 11020000 Dong 1991UNC8
Vietnam* vietnam 10000 dong 199311510000 Dong 1993UNC6
Vietnam vietnam 50000 dong 199411650000 Dong 1994UNC 16
Vietnam vietnam 10000 dong11710000 Dong 1994AUNC foxing18
Vietnam * vietnam 100 dong 2016125100 Dong ND 2016 commemorative “national bank of Vietnam”UNC8
Vietnam 125100 Dong ND 2016UNC w. folder12
Vietnam South south vietnam 1 dong 195511 Dong ND 1955-56UNC5
Vietnam South siuth vietnam 5 dong P225 Dong ND 1955-56UNC10
Vietnam South 310 Dong ND 1955-56UNCSOLD
Vietnam South 310 Dong ND 1955-56VFSOLD
Vietnam South south vietnam 20 dong420 Dong ND 1955-56EF85
Vietnam South south vietnam 1 dong 1955-62111 Dong ND 1955-62EF foxing8
Vietnam South south vietnam 2 dong 1955122 Dong ND 1955-62UNC6
Vietnam South south vietnam 5 dong P13135 Dong ND 1955-62UNCSOLD
Vietnam South south vietnam pick5510 Dong ND 1955-62UNCSOLD
Vietnam SouthSouth Vietnam 500 dong 1962
South vietnam 500 dong 1962 for sale
6500 Dong ND 1962VF 2 pinholes*SCARCE350
Vietnam South south vietnam 50 dong pick 7750 Dong ND 1955-62UNC120
Vietnam South south vietnam 100 dong  P88100 Dong ND 1955-62UNC45
Vietnam South 8100 Dong ND 1955-62VF20
Vietnam South south vietnam 200 dong P99200 Dong ND 1955-62EF50
Vietnam South south vietnam 1 dong 1964-66151 Dong  ND 1964-66UNC6
Vietnam South south vietnam 2o dong P161620  Dong ND 1964-66AUNC foxing 6
Vietnam South south vietnam 50 dong P171750 Dong ND 1964-66AUNC15
Vietnam South south vietnam 100 dong 1966 P1818100 Dong ND 1964-66EF25
Vietnam South 18100 Dong ND 1964-66VF10
Vietnam SouthSouth Vietnam 100 dong 196619100 Dong ND 1955-62AUNC foxing25
Vietnam South 23200 Dong ND 1955-62AUNCSOLD
Vietnam South south vietnam 500 dong 196622500 Dong ND 1955-62VF /EF15/ 35
Vietnam South south vietnam 500 dong P2222500 Dong ND 1955-62AUNC foxingSOLD
Vietnam South see south vietnam set2420 Dong ND 1969UNC foxing3
Vietnam Southsee south vietnam set2550 Dong ND 1969UNC5
Vietnam South see south vietnam set28500 Dong ND 1969UNC5
Vietnam South see south vietnam set291000 Dong ND 1970UNC10
Vietnam South see south vietnam set3050 Dong ND 1972
“galloping horse”
Vietnam South see south vietnam set31100 Dong ND 1972
“man plough field w buffalo)
Vietnam South see south vietnam set32200 Dong ND 1972
Vietnam South see south vietnam set33500 Dong ND 1972
Vietnam South see south vietnam set341000 Dong ND 1972
“man riding elephant”
Vietnam Southvietnam 10 xu 19663610 xu 1966UNC6
Vietnam South south vietnam 1 dong 1966 P40
south vietnam 1 dong 1966
40Viet Cong transitional govt issue 1 Dong 1966UNC15
Vietnam South south vietnam 1966
south vietnam  5 dong 1966 banknote
425 Dong ND 1966UNC foxing25
Vietnam South R4Viet Cong  1 Dong 1963 issueVF6
Vietnam South South vietnam 1 dong R4Viet Cong 1 Dong 1963 issueEF foxing 10
Vietnam South south vietnam 2 diong
south vietnam 2 dong
R5Viet Cong 2 Dong 1963 issueEF foxing15
Vietnam SouthSouth Vietnam 5 dong 1963
South Vietnam 5 dong 1963 back
R6Viet Cong 5 Dong 1963 issueVF20
Vietnam SouthR6Viet Cong
5 Dong
1963 issue