World banknotes – T list of countries

Foreign world banknotes for sale from Tahiti, Tanzania, Thailand, Timor, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Turkmenistan

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition and SCWPM(Pick) catalogue, General Issues, 12th Edition to reference the banknotes

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide number of pieces if we have them.We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

CountryImagePickDescriptionConditionPrice S$
Tahiti indochina tahiti 100 francs
tahiti 100 francs
13100 francs Papette ND 1923-65Fine (see photos)65
TaiwanAlso see polymer1939100 yuan ND 1946VF25
Taiwan19785 yuan ND 1969VF5
Taiwan197910 yuan ND 1969EF+8
TaiwanTaiwan 50 dollars 198250 yuan ND 1972VF5
Taiwan1983100 yuan ND 1972UNC12
Taiwan198410 yuan ND 1976UNC8
Taiwan198410 yuan ND 1976VF5
Taiwan1987500 yuan ND 1981UNC65
Taiwan19881000 yuan ND 1981UNC85
Taiwan1989100 yuan ND 1987AUNC10
TaiwanTaiwan 100 yuan1991100 yuan ND 2001UNC10
TaiwanTaiwan 200 yuan1992200 yuan ND 2001UNC20
Taiwan1996500 yuan ND 2004UNC35
Tanzania tanzania 10 shillings 1978610 shillings ND 1978UNC5
Tanzania tanzania 100 shillings8100 shillings ND 1978VF 12
Tanzania tanzania 50 shillings
tanzania 50 shilluings banknote
1250 shillings ND 1986UNC10
Tanzania Tanzania 1000 shillings banknote for sale
Tanzania 1000 shillings banknote for sale fine
221000 shillings ND 1992Fine RESERVE
Tanzania Tanzania 200 shillings banknote for sale25200 shillings ND 1993UNC5
Tanzania tanzania 500 shillings 199430500 shillings ND 1997UNC8
Tanzaniatanzania 5000 shillings
tanzania 5000 shillings giraffe
325000 shillings ND 1997VF foxing at left edge (see photos)18
Tanzania tanzania 500 shillings 35500 shillings ND 2003 UNC6
Tanzania tanzania 2000 shillings372000 shillings ND 2003 lionUNC9
Tanzania tanzania 5000 shillings385000 shillings ND 2003UNC18
Tanzania Tanzania 10000 sgillings banknote for sale
Tanzania 10000 shillings fine banknote for sale
3910000 shillings ND 2003VF pressed9
Tanzania tanzania 2000 shillings422000 shillings lion ND 2010 UNC7
Tanzania tanzania 5000 shillings P43435000 shillings rhino ND 2010UNC11
Tanzania 4410000 shillings elephantFine 9
Tanzania tanzania 10000 shillings4410000 shillings elephantUNC38
Thailand thailand 1 baht 1948691 baht ND (1948)VF35
Thailand thailand 1 baht 1955741 Baht ND 1955 Watermark : KingUNC foxing10
Thailand 741 Baht ND 1955 Watermark : UrnAUNC foxing25
Thailand thailand 5 baht 1955755 Baht ND 1955 Watermark: KingAUNC foxing30
Thailand thailand 10 baht 19557610 Baht ND 1955 Watermark: KingAUNC foxing20
Thailand thailand 20 baht P777720 Baht ND 1955 Watermark : KingAUNC foxing40
Thailand 7720 Baht ND 1955 Watermark :UrnAUNC foxing100
Thailand thailand 100 baht 195578100 Baht ND 1955UNC80
Thailand thailand 100 baht P7979100 Baht 1968AUNC foxing110
Thailand * thailand 5 baht P82825 Baht 1969-88UNC12
Thailand * thailand 10 baht P838310 Baht 1969-88UNC10
Thailand Thailand 20 baht banknote for sale8420 Baht 1969-88EF15
Thailand thailand 100 baht P8585100 Baht 1969-88VF25
Thailand 86500 Baht 1969-88VF58
Thailand thailand 500 baht P8686500 Baht 1969-88UNC75
Thailand * thailand 10 baht P878710 Baht 1978-84UNC3
Thailand * thailand 20 baht P888820 Baht 1978-84UNC5
Thailand thailand 100 baht P8989100 Baht 1978-84UNC25
Thailandthailand 50 baht P909050 baht 1985-92UNC12
Thailand 91500 Baht 1985-92VF30
Thailand thailand 500 baht P9191500 Baht 1985-92UNC38
Thailand thailand 1000 baht 19992921000 Baht 1992 UNC120
Thailand * thailand 60 baht9360 baht 1987 commemorativeUNC12
Thailand  97100 Baht 1994VF+10
Thailand 9810 Baht ND 1995 commemorative “120 yrs of ministry of Finance” (looks like P87)UNC4
Thailand 1041000 Baht 1999 comm prefix 7AUNC120
Thailand  thailand 500 baht10550 Baht comm golden wedding in folderUNC120
Thailand * thailand 100 baht 2002110100 Baht 2002 comm 100th anniv Thai banknoteUNC10
Thailand thailand 100 baht 2004111100 Baht 2004 comm Queen’s 72th birthday in folderUNC25
Thailandthailand 100 baht 2004113100 baht ND 2004VF10
Thailand * thailand 60 baht 200611660 Baht 2006 comm “60 years of reign” in folderUNC15
Thailand * 1171+5+10 Baht uncut comm 2007 “King’s 80th birthday” in folderUNC20
Thailand 11820 Bahts ND2012-UNC4
Thailand 11950 Bahts ND 2012-UNC6
Thailand  120100 Bahts ND 2012UNC10
Thailand  1221000 Bahts ND 2012-UNC75
Thailand thailand 100 baht123100 Baht 2010 wedding 60th anniv commemorativeUNC15
Thailand * thailand 100 baht 2011124100 Baht 2012 “King’s 82th birthday” in folderUNC15
Thailand* thailand 80 baht12580 Baht ND 2016 comm “Queen’s 80th birthday” in folderUNC45
Thailand *126100 Baht 2012 Crown PrinceUNC15
Thailand * thailand 70 baht12870 Baht comm “70 years of reign” in folderUNC15
Thailand *Thailand 20 baht P130 banknote for sale13020 Baht ND 2017 commemoraitveUNC2.50
Thailand * 13520 Bahts ND 2018UNC2
Thailand * thailand 1000 baht 2020Pnew1000 Bahts 2020 commUNC65
Thailand * thailand 100 baht 2020Pnew100 Bahts 2020 commUNC7.5
Timor tiimor 100 escudos 195922100 escudos 1959VF15
Timor timor 20 escudos 2620 escudos 1967UNC foxing4
Timor timor 50 escduos 19672750 escudos 1967VF8
Timor timor 100 escudos 196328100 escudos 1967UNC foxing10
Tonga tonga 1 pa'anga 1995311 pa’anga 1995UNC4
Tonga tonga 2 pa'anga 1995322 p’anga 1995UNC8
Trinidad and TobagoAlso See QEII and polymer issue
Trinidad and Tobagotrinidad and tobago 1 dollar361 dollar (1985)UNC3
Trinidad and Tobago trnidad and tobago 5 1997 banknotedollars 375 dollars 1964(1985)UNC5
Trinidad and Tobago 411 dollar 2002
(looks like P36)
Trinidad and Tobago 425 dollars 2002 (looks like P37)UNC5
Trinidad and Tobago *461 dollar 2006 (looks like P41 )UNC1.5
Trinidad and Tobago trinidad and tobago 5 dollars475 dollars 2006UNC4
TurkeyTurkey 5 lirasi 19701855 lirasi 1970(1976)UNC foxing5
TurkeyTurkey 20 lirasi 1970 banknote for sale18720 lirasi 1970(1976)UNC5
TurkeyTurkey 10 lirasi 197019210 lirasi 1970(1976)UNC3
TurkeyTurkey 100 lirasi 1970 194100 lirasi 1970(1976)UNC3
TurkeyTurkey 500 lirasi 1970195500 lirasi 1970(1976)UNC5
Turkey turkey 1000 lirasi1961000 lirasi 1970(1986)UNC3
Turkey turkey 20000 lirasi20220000 lirasi 1970(1995)UNC5
TurkeyTurkey 50000 lirasi 199520450000 lirasi 1970(1995)UNC6
Turkey turkey 100000 lirasi205100000 lirasi 1984-97UNC5
Turkey turkey 2500000 lirasi211250000 lirasi 1970(1998-2000)UNC4.5
Turkey turkey 500000 lirasi212500000 lirasi 1970(1998-2000)UNC6
Turkey turkey 1000000 lirasi banknote2131000000 lirasi 1970(1998-2000)UNC6
Turkmenistan turkmenistan 100 manat1510000 manat 2003UNC15
Turkmenistan * 1750 manat 2005UNC1.5
Turkmenistan *turkmenistan 100 manat18100 manat 2005UNC2