World banknotes- N,O list of countries

World banknotes from Namibia, Nepal,New Zealand,Netherlands,Netherlands Antilles, Netherlands Indies,Nicaragua, Nigeria and Oman for sale

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition and SCWPM(Pick) catalogue, General Issues, 12th Edition to reference the banknotes

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide running number of pieces if we have them. We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

CountryImagePickDescriptionConditionPrice S$
Namibianamibia 10 dollars410 dollars 1996-99UNC6
Namibianamibia 220 dollars520 dollars 1996-99UNC10
Namibia namibia 50 dollars650 dollars 1996-99UNC20
Namibianamibia 100 dollars7100 dollars 1996-99UNC30
NamibiaNamibia 50 dollars 2018 for sale1350 dollars 2018UNC12
NamibiaNamibia 100 dollars 2018 for sale14100 dollars 2019UNC22
Namibianamjbia 10 dollars 20131610 dollars 2013UNC6
Namibianamibia 20 dollars1720 dollars 2013UNC10
Nepalnepal 5 rupees 1961 for sale135 rupees ND 1961UNC25
Nepalnepal 1 rupee 1972 for sale161 rupee ND 1972UNC8
Nepalnepal 5 rupees 1972 for sale175 rupees ND 1972UNC light foxing15
Nepalnepal 1000 rupees 1972 for sale211000 rupees ND 1972UNC300
Nepalnepal 5 rupees235 rupees ND 1974UNC 5
Nepalnepal 10 rupees P242410 rupees ND 1974UNC8
Nepalnepal 5 rupees for sale305 rupees ND 1987UNC3
NepalNepal 20 rupees banknote for sale3220 rupees ND 1981-UNC no pinholes4
Nepalnepal 100 rupees34100 rupees ND 1981-UNC10
Nepal *nepal 1 rupee 371 rupee ND 1991-UNC1
NepalNepal 25 rupees4125 rupees comm “Accession 1972-1997” UNC5
Nepal465 rupees ND 2002UNC NO pinholes2
NepalNepal 20 rupees4720 rupees ND 2002UNC3
Nepalnepal 500 upees50500 rupees ND 2006UNC30
Nepalnela 50 rupees golden jubilee5250 rupees comm “Bank golden jubilee”UNC5
Nepalnela 50 rupees6350 rupees ND 2008-10UNC NO pinholes5
Nepal *Nepal 10 rupees 2012 banknote for sale 7010 rupees ND 2012UNC NO pinholes1.5
NepalNepal 20 rupees 2012 banknote for sale7120 rupees ND 2012UNC no pinholes3
Netherlandsnetherlands 100 gulden 194251100 gulden 1942EF100
Netherlands5850 gulden 1941PMG 35SOLD
Netherlandsnetherlands 5 gulden 1966905 gulden 1966UNC30
Netherlands9210 gulden 1968VF15
Netherlandsnetherlands 10 gulden 19689210 gulden 1968UNC25
Netherlandsnetherlands 25 gulden9325 gulden 1971VF35
Netherlandsnetherlands 50 gulden9650 gulden 1982VF+50
NetherlandsNetherlands 100 gulden 1977 banknote for sale
Netherlands 100 gulden 1977 banknote for sale
97100 gulden 1977VF90
Netherlands Antillesnetherland antilles  1 gulden201 gulden 1970UNCSOLD
Netherland IndiesNetherlands Indie 5 roepiah 1946 banknote for sale
Netherlands Indies 5 gulden 1946
875 gulden 1946VF split SOLD
Netherland IndiesNetherladn indies 1 gulden1081 gulden 1940UNCSOLD
Netherland Indiesnetherland dinies 50 gulden 11650 gulden 1943VF+50
Netherland Indies117100 gulden 1943AUNC250
Netherland Indies *netherland indies 100 13110 roepiah ND 1944VF+ 8
New caledoniaFrench Indochina new alwdonia 100 francs
french idnochina 100 francs
42100 francs 1962
(see photos)
New Caledonia42100 francsVF+160
New ZealandNZ 10 shillings158c10 shillings FlemingVF40
New ZealandNZ 1 pound159c1 Pound FlemingVF+55
New ZealandNZ 5 pounds160d5 Pounds FlemingVF80
New Zealand160a5 Pounds Hanna signVF95
Nicaraguanicaragua 1 cordoba 19681151 cordoba 1968 series BUNCSOLD
Nicaraguanicaragua 2 cordobas1212 cordoba 1972UNC toning3
Nicaraguanicaragua 5 cordobas1225 cordoba 1972UNC5
Nicaraguanicaragua 10 cordobas 197913410 cordoba 1979UNCSOLD
Nicaraguanicaragua 1000 cordobas 19851451000 cordoba 1985 Series GUNC5
Nicaraguanicaragua 5000 1465000 cordoba 1985 Series GUNC5
Nicaraguanuucaragua 10 cordoba 198515110 cordoba 1985UNC3
Nicaraguanicaragua 20 cordoba15220 cordoba 1985UNC3
Nicaraguanicaragua 50 15350 cordoba 1985UNC 3
Nicaraguanicaragua 100 cordoba154100 cordoba 1985UNCSOLD
Nicaragua1561000 cordoba 1985 Series GUNCSOLD
Nicaragua1671 centavo ND 1990UNCSOLD
Nicaraguanicaragua 0,5 1721/2 cordoba ND 1990UNC3
Nicaraguanicaragua 1 xoedoba1731 cordoba ND 1990UNCSOLD
NigeriaNigeria 1 pound81 Pound 1967UNC foxing6
Nigerianigeria 1 pound 1968121 Pound 1968VFSOLD
Nigerianigeria 50 kobo1450 kobo 1973UNC foxing10
Nigerianigeria 1 baira231 naira ND 1984-UNC 10
Nigeria245 naira 2005UNC1.50
Nigeria *nigeria 10 naira 20042510 naira 2004UNC3
Nigerianigeria 20 naira2620 naira ND 1984-VF5
Nigerianigeria 50 naira2750 naira 2007UNC5
Nigerianigeria 10 naira28100 naira 2010UNC7
Nigeria nigeria 200 naira29 200 naira 2009UNC6
Nigeria29200 naira
Omanoman 100 baisa31100 baisa ND 1995UNC2
OmanOman 5 rials 2000395 rials
OmanOman1 rial 2005 for sale431 rial 2005 commemorativeUNC12
OmanOman 5 rials 2010 comm for sale445 rials 2010 commem0rativeUNC45
OmanOman 1 rial 2015 for sale481 rial 2015 commemorativeUNC10
OmanOman 1/2 rial 2021 for sale511/2 rial 2020(2021)UNC5
Omanoman 1 rial 2021 for sale521 rial 2020(2021)UNC8.50