World banknotes – M list of countries

Foreign world banknotes from Macao, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malawi, Maldives, Malta, Mexico, Malaysia/Malaya,Mauritania, Mauritius, Moldova, Mongolia, Morocco,Mozambique, Montenegro for sale

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition and SCWPM(Pick) catalogue, General Issues, 12th Edition to reference the banknotes

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide running number of pieces if we have them. We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

Macau585 patacas 1981UNCSOLD
MacauMacau 10 patacas P645910 patacas 1984UNC foxing20
MacauMacau P656510 patacas 1991UNC8
MacauMacao P808010 patacas 2005UNC5
Macaumacau P90
Macau P90
9010 patacas 1995 BOCUNC8
MacauMacau 100 patacas 2012115100 patacas 2012 commemorative
prefix MO in folder
Macaumacau 20 patacas
Macau 20 patacas back pair
Pnew20 Patacas commemorative BNU and BOC pair 2019 commemorativeUNC20
MacauPnew zodiac10 patacas BNU and BOC pair year of dragonUNC35
MacauPnew zodiac10 patacas BNU and BOC pair year of dragon 2012UNC30
MacauMacau yr of dog setPnew zodiac10 patacas BNU and BOC pair year of dog 2018UNC8
MacauMacau yr of pig setPnew zodiac10 patacas BNU and BOC pair year of boar 2019UNC8
MacauMacau 20 patacas 2022 olympics for sale12420 Patacas 2022 Winter OylmpicsUNC38
MacedoniaAlso see polymer issue’
Macedonia *macedonia 10 dinars 1991110 dinars 1992UNC1
Macedonia *Macedibia 25 dinara 1992 banknote for sale225 dinars 1992UNC1.5
Macedonia *macedonia P141410 dinara 1996UNC3
Madagascarmadagascar 500 frnacs75500 francs 199-UNCSOLD
Madagascarmadagascar 1000 francs761000 francs 199-UNC6
Madagascarmadagascar 10000 francs
madagascar 10000
7910000 francs 199-UNC30
MadagascarMadagascar 2500 francs 812500 francs ND 1998UNCSOLD
Madagascarmadagascar 250008225000 francs 199-VF15
MalawiMalawi 1 kwacha 1992 banknote for sale231 kwacha 1992UNCSOLD
Malawi*Malawi 5 kwacha for sale505 kwacha UNC1.50
Malawi *Malawi 20 keacha5220 kwacha 2009UNC2
MalawiMalawi 100 kwacha 200154100 kwacha 2001VF6
Malawimalawi 200 kwacha55200 kwacha 2004UNC12
Malawi *Malawi 20 kwacha 20155720 kwacha 2012UNC1.5
Malawi *Malawi 100 kwacha 201665100 kwacha 2016UNC2
Malayamalaya 1 5 10 cents set6+7+81, 5 and 10 cents 1941-42UNC200
MalayaMalaysia 20 cents920 cents 1941-1942EF foxing80
MalayaMalaya 50 cents 19411050 cents 1941- 1942AUNC foxing200
Malayamalaya 10 dollars 19411310 dollars 1941-1942VF+350
Malaya and North BorneoMalaya 1dollar 195311 dollar 1953VF120
MalaysiaAlso see polymer issue
MalaysiaMalaysia 1 ringgit P111 ringgit ND 1967 prefix B/24 , B/73UNC light foxing30
MalaysiaMalaysia 5 ringgit P225 ringgit ND 1967 prefix A/8AUNC foxing120
MalaysiaMalaysia 10 ringgit 310 ringgit ND 1967 prefix A/49UNC light foxing300
Malaysiamalaysia 1 ringgir 197671 ringgit ND 1972-76 prefix D/71, D/47UNC light foxing20
MalaysiaMalaysia 5 ringgit P885 ringgit ND 1972-76 prefix A/67UNC light foxing100
Malaysiamalaysia 10 ringgit P9910 ringgit ND 1972-76 prefix C/64UNC160
Malaysia *malaysia 1 ringgit P14A131 ringgit ND 1976-1981 E/87, K/92UNC light foxing15
Malaysia 5 ringgit P14
145 ringgit ND 1976-81, prefix A/87UNC100
MalaysiaMalaysia 10 ringgit P151510 ringgit ND 1976-81UNC foxing120
Malaysia *Malaysia 1 ringgit P19191 ringgit ND 1981-84UNC light foxing10
Malaysiamalaysia 5 ringgit P20205 ringgit ND 1981-84 prefix NAUNC SOLD
MalaysiaMalaysia 10 ringgit P212110 ringgit ND 1981-84 prefix PCUNCSOLD
MalaysiaMalaysia 100 ringgit P2424100 ringgit ND 1981-84 prefix ZAUNCSOLD
Malaysiamalaysia 1 ringgit P27271 ringgit ND 1986-95 UNC6
Malaysiamalaysia 10 ringgit P292910 ringgit ND 1986-95UNC25
MalaysiaMalaysia 20 ringgit P303020 ringgit ND 1986-95 prefix TDUNC180
MalaysiaMalaysia 50 ringgit P3131c50 ringgit ND 1986-95 prefix BVUNC80
MalaysiaMalaysia 100 ringgit P3232100 ringgit ND 1986-95 prefix ZXAUNC foxing right centre portrait (see photo)90
Malaysia32b100 ringgit ND 1986-95 prefix AJUNC light foxing120
Malaysia35a5 ringgit ND 1998UNC18
Malaysia *Malaysia 1 ringgit P39391 ringgit ND 1996-2000UNC2
Malaysia *malaysia 2 ringgit P4040a2 ringgit sign AM DonUNC6
Malaysia *Malaysia 50 ringgit 20074950 ringgit ND 2007 50th anniversary commemorative issue prefix AAUNC50
Malaysia *malaysia 2012 setUnlisted2012 commemorative set same serial numbers 1,5,10,20,50 & 100 ringgitUNC250
Malaysia60 ringgit 2017 commemorative serial number 5xxxxUNC PMG 65 EPQ700
MaldivesSee polymer issue
MaltaMalta 1 pound 1939
malta 1 pound 1939
201 Pound 1939 KGVI prefix A1VF80
mauritiana 20
10100 ouguiya 2006UNC3
MauritiusAlso see QEII and polymer issue
Mauritius3510 rupees 1986VF4
Mexicomexico p303010 pesos 1965UNC8
MexicoMexico 5 pesos P62625 pesos 1969UNCSOLD
Mexicomexico 10 pesos 19786310 pesos 1977UNC5
Mexicomexico 20 pesos 6420 pesos 1977UNC foxing3
Mexico *mexico 50 pesos 6550 pesos 1981UNC1.5
Mexico*mexico 100 pesos66100 pesos 1982UNC2
Mexicomexico 500 pesos79500 pesos 1981UNC foxing6
Mexicomexico 1000 pesos 801000 pesos 1983UNC6
Mexico9120,000 pesos 1989VFSOLD
Mexicomexico 20 pesos 199910620 pesos 1999UNC foxing spot at left middle SOLD
MexicoMexico 100 pesos 2008108100 pesos 1998UNC25
Mexico *mexico 100 pesos com130100 pesos 2016 commUNC 15
Moldovamoldova 1 leu51 leu 1992 UNC foxing4
Mongoliamongolia 1 tugrik281 tugrik 1955UNC3
MongoliaMongolia set49-5110+20+50 mongo ND 1993-1995UNC1
Mongolia535 tugrik ND 1993-95UNC1
Mongolia5410 tugrik ND 1993-95UNC1.5
Mongolia5520 tugrik ND 1993-95UNC1.8
Mongolia5650 tugrik ND 1993-95UNC2
MongoliaMongolia 100 tugrik 65100 tugrik 2003UNC1.80
Mongolia *Mongolia P6666500 tugrik 2003UNC4
MongoliaMongolia P67671000 tugrik 1993UNC12
MongoliaMonmgolia P68685000 Tugrik 2003UNC18
Mongolia7020000 tugrik 2009AUNC30
MongoliaMongolia 10000 tugrik 2021Pnew10000 tugrik 2021 100th annivUNC18
MoroccoAlso see polymer issue
Moroccomorocco 25 dirhams2510 francs 1943/44VFSOLD
Moroccomorocco 100 dirhmas65100 dirhams 1987EF25
Morocco6720 dirhams 1996VF+ SOLD
MoroccoMorocco 50 dirhams 2009
Morocco 50 dirhams 2009 back
7250 dirhams 2009 commemorativeUNC25
MozambiqueAlso see polymer issue
MozambiqueMozambique 5 libras 1934R325 libras 1934 canceldoUNC foxingSOLD
Mozambique114500 escudos ND 1967UNC foxing2
Mozambique *mozambique 1000 escudos
1151000 escudos 1972UNC foxing4
Mozambiquemozambique 10001281000 meticais 1980UNC8
Mozambique *
mozamque 500 meticais 1986
12950 meticais 1986UNC1.50
Mozambiquemozambique 5000 1365000 meticais 1991UNC4
Mozambiquemozambique 20 meticais14320 meticais 2006UNC4
Mozambiquemozambique 50 metacais14450 meticais 2006UNC8
Myanmar (Burma)myanmar 5000 kyats815000 kyats ND 2009UNC NO pinholes12