World banknotes- J,K,L list of countries

World banknotes from Japan, Japanese military money,Jamaica,Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kenya, Korea (North and South), Laos, Liberia, Lebanon, Libya, Lesotho, Lithuania, Luxembourg for sale

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide running number of pieces if we have them. We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition and SCWPM(Pick) catalogue, General Issues, 12th Edition to reference the banknotes

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

CountryImagePickDescriptionConditionPrice S$
Jamaica jamaica 5 shillings375 shillings 1957 KGVIVF60
Jamaica jamaica 10 shillings3810 shillings 1953 KGVIVF80
Japan * japan 1 yen silver301 yen 1916UNC25
Japan 301 yen 1916VF+15
Japan * japan 10 yen 19304010 yen 1930VF8
Japan Japan P43435 yen 1942-45EF30
Japan Japan 1 Yen 1944 P54541 yen 1943EF+18
Japan Japan 5 yen P55505 yen 1943UNCSOLD
Japan japan 50 sen 1942 P606050 sen 1942-45AUNC12
Japan japan 5 sen P83835 sen 1946-51UNC8
Japan Japam 5 yen P86865 yen 1946-51VF10
Japan  japan 10 yuan 19568710 yen 1946-51EF12
Japan 8710 yen 1946-51VFSOLD
Japan 8850 yen 1946-51VF25
Japan Japan 50 yen P888850 yen 1946-51EF35
Japan Japan 100 yuan P8989100 yen 1946-51VF split28
Japan* Japan 100 yen P9090100 yen 1950-58UNC4.50
Japan Japan 1000 yen P92921000 yen 1950-58EF40
Japan Japan 10000 yen 1958 for sale
Japan 10000 yen 1958 banknotefor sale
9410000 yen 1950-58AUNC250
Japan Japan 1000 yen P96961000 yen ND 1963-69UNC35
JapanJapan 1000 yen 97 for sale971000 yen ND 1984-1993UNCSOLD
Japan  Japan 2000 yen1032000 yen
Japan Japan 1000 yen banknote for sale1051000 Yen ND 2004VF18
Japanese Military Money M255 yen ND 1938VF6
Japanese Military Money Jap M27M2710 yen ND 1938gd VF10
Japanese Military Money M81 sen ND 1939UNC8
Japanese Military Money M105 sen ND 1939UNC tone spot10
Japanese Military Money M1250 sen ND 1939UNC10
Japanese Military Money M131 yen ND 1940VF18
Japanese Military Money Jap M15M155 yen ND 1940EF10
Japanese Military Money Jap M17M1710 yen ND 1940VF20
Japanese Military Money M19100 yen ND 1940UNC40
Japanese Military Money M28100 yen ND 1945fine with hole10
Japanese Military Money
(see French Indochina M7)
 M710 yen ND 1942AUNC50
Japanese Invasion Money – JIMSee photos of individual pieces in JIM sets . Individual pcs available for sale per below    
JIM-BURMA105 centsUNC3
JIM-BURMA 141 rupeeUNC4
JIM-BURMA 1610 rupeesEF4
JIM-MALAYA M51 dollar ND 1942-45UNC3
JIM-MALAYA M65 dollars ND 1942-45
Serial number
JIM-MALAYA *M710 dollars ND 1942-45UNC3
JIM-MALAYA *M710 dollars ND 1942-45VF1.5
JIM-MALAYA M8100 dollars ND 1942-45UNC5
JIM-MALAYA M9100 dollars ND 1942-45UNC20
JIM-MALAYA malaya 1000 dollars banknote for saleM101000 dollars ND 1942-45UNC50
JIM- OCEANIA JIM oceania21 shilling
ND 1942
JIM-NETHERLANDS INDIES 126100 soepiah ND 1944EF20
JIM-PHILIPPINES  JIM 5 centavoss1035 centavos ND 1942UNC3
JIM-PHILIPPINES  10410 centavos ND 1942UNC3
JIM-PHILIPPINES  JIM 50 centavos10550 centavos ND 1942UNC5
JIM-PHILIPPINES  10550 centavos ND 1942VF1.5
JIM-PHILIPPINES * JIM 10 pesos P10810810 pesos ND 1942EF3
JIM-PHILIPPINES  10810 pesos ND 1942 ‘X” Fine , tear/grafitti1
JIM-PHILIPPINES  JIM Philippines 1 peso banknote for sale1091 pesos ND 1943UNC5
JIM-PHILIPPINES  11110 pesos ND 1943UNC5
JIM-PHILIPPINES * JIM 100 pesos112100 pesos ND 1943AUNC3
Jordan341 dinar 2006UNC7
Kazakhstan kazakstan 20 som520 tyin 1993UNCSOLD
Kazakhstan95 tenge 1993UNC3
Kazakhstan kazahstan 10 tenge1010 tenge 1993UNC5
Kazakhstan kazahstan P111120 tenge 1993UNCSOLD
Kazakhstan kazahstan P2020200  tenge 1999EF8
Kazakhstan20200 tenge 1999VF5
Kazakhstankazakhstan 2000 tenge 2012412000 tenge 2012UNC14
Kazakhstankazakhstan 5000 tenge 2013425000 tenge 2012UNC29
Kazakhstankazakhstan 10000 tenge 20124310,000 tenge 2012UNCSOLD
Kazakhstankazakhstan 1000 tenge 2013441000 tenge 2013 commemorativeUNC18
Kenya kenya 10 kumi1610 kumi shillings 1978UNC10
Kenya kenyan 10 kumi 19822010 kumi 1981VF6
Kenya kenya 50 shillings 2150 shillings
Kenya kenya 100 shillings 198722100 shillings 1987VF10
Kenya 2410 shillings 1989UNC4
Kenya Kenya 20 shillings
kenya 20 shillings back
2520 shillings 1989UNC6
Kenya 27100 shillings 1990EF12
Kenya kenya 100 shillings 199527100 shillings 1995UNC20
Kenya kenya 20 shillings 3220 shillings 1996 runner at backUNC4
Kenyakenya 50n shillings 20023650 shillings 1996
UNC6 /5
Kenya kenya 50 shillings 20064750 shillings 2006 and 2009UNC5
Korea South korea 1000 won81000 won 1950Fine10
Korea South81000 won 1950VF rust15
Korea SouthSouth korea 10 joen2810 Joen ND 1962UNC3
Korea South 441000 won 1973-79AUNC15
Korea SouthSouth korea 100 won 1947 for sale46100 won ND 1947EF foxing35
Korea South46100 won ND 1947VF20
Korea South s korea 1000 won 471000 won 1983-94UNC foxing5
Korea South  S korea 10000 won5010000 won yr 2000 broken security lineUNC20
Korea South * S korea 1000 won541000 wonUNC4
Korea Southsouth korea 2000 won
south korea 2000 won back
582000 won winter olympics 2018 commemorative in folderUNCSOLD
Korea South korea 10000 wonUncut10000 won X2 uncut 2007 in folderUNC55
Korea South korea 10000 uncut oldUncut10000 won X 2 uncut 2000 in folderUNC65
Korea NorthNorth korea 1 won 1959 banknote for sale
Noth korea 1 won 1959 banknote for sale
131 won 1959VFSOLD
Korea North *Nkora 100 won banknote for sale22100 won 1978UNC1.5
Korea North *44500 won 1996 (masoleum no portrait)UNC4
Korea North *451000 won 2002UNC1.5
Korea North*NKorea 5000 won465000 won 2002UNC1.8
Korea North *Nkorea 200 won 200548200 won 2005UNC1.5
Korea North *NKorea 500 won 199655500 won 2007UNC2
Korea North *575 won 2002(2009)UNC1.00
Korea North *NKora 10 won 20025910 won 2002(2009)UNC1.50
KuwaitSee polymer issue    
KuwaitKuwait 1.4 dinar291/4 dinarUNC4
KuwaitKuwait 1/2 dinar301/2 dinarUNC7
Kyrgyzstan krygstan 5 som55 som 1993UNC4
Kyrgyzstan 85 som 1994UNC4
Kyrgyzstan *krygyszstan 5 som 1997145 som 1997UNC2
Kyrgyzstan 1510 som 1997UNC4
Kyrgyzstan krysgystan 200 som22200 som 2002-2005UNC18
Laos * Laos 100 kip 19576100 kip 1957UNC foxing spot35
Laos 195000 kip 1974UNC toning10
Laos2020 kip ND 1975 republic of LaosUNC3
Laos2150 kip ND 1975 republic of LaosUNC6
Laos22100 kip ND 1975 republic of LaosUNC6
Laos 23200 kip ND 1975 republic of LaosAUNC15
Laos 24500 kip republic of LaosAUNC15
Laos *Laos P3131500 kip 1988UNC1.2
Laos *Laos P32321000 kips
Laos Laos 2000 kip 1997332000 kip 1997UNC4
Laos 345000 kip
UNC foxing4
LaosLaos 10000 kip P36 3510000 kip
Laos Laos 20000 kip3620000 kip 2002UNC12
Laos * laos 1000 kip 2008391000 kips 2008UNC5
Laos40100,000 kips 2010 issue 450th anniv of Ventiane commemorativeUNCSOLD
Laos *laos 2000 kip 2011412000 kips 2011UNC1.5
Lebanon lebanon 1000 livres691000 livres 1988-93AUNC5
Lebanon Lebanon 1000 livres P84841000 livres 2001AUNC foxing 4
Lesotho2110 Maloti 2013UNC3
Lesotho2220 Maloti 2019UNC6
Lesotho2350 maloti 2013UNC12
Lesotho25200 maloti 2019UNC30
Liberia * Liberia 5 dollars 2016315 dollars 2016 UNCSOLD
Libya libya 5 dinars
libya P36
365 dinars 1971-72UNC light foxingSOLD
Libya 431/2 dinar 1981VF+ 4
Libya libya 10 dinars4610 dinars 1981 series 2VFSOLD
LithuaniaLithuania 3 talonu 1993333 talonu 1991UNC8
Lithuania lithuania 50046500 talonu 1993UNC3
Luxembourg4220 francs 1943VF28