World banknotes – B list countries

Foreign paper money from Bahamas, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Belarus,Bermuda, Brazil, Brunei, Bulgaria, Belgium, Biafra, Bhutan,Burma and Burundi for sale

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition and SCWPM(Pick) catalogue, General Issues, 12th Edition to reference the banknotes.

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide running number of pieces if we have them and you are getting 2 or more pieces. We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

CountryImagePickDescriptionConditionPrice S$
BahamasBahamas 1 dollar691 dollar 2006UNC5
Bahrainbahrain 0.5 dinar251/2 dinar ND 2008UNC6
Bahrain *bahrain 1 dinar261 dinar ND 2008UNC9
Bangladesh *bangladesh 2 taka62 taka ND 1972-89UNC1
Bangladesh *bangladesh 5 taka255 taka ND 1981UNC foxing1.50
Bangladeshbangladesh 10 taka2610 taka ND 1982-88UNC3
Bangladeshbangladesh 50 taka2850 taka ND 1982-88UNC5
Bangladeshbangladesh 100 taka42100 taka 2003UNC6
Belarus*belARUS 50 KOPEK150 kapeek 1992UNC0.80
Belarus *belarus 10 ruble510 rublei 1992UNC1.20
Belarusbelarus 25 ruble 1992625 rublei 1992UNC1.50
Belarusbelarus 50 ruble750 rublei 1992UNC1.50
Belarusbelarus 100 rublei8100 rublei 1992UNC1.80
Belarus *belarus 20 rublei 20002420 rublei 2000UNC0.80
Belarus*belarus 100 roubles 200026100 rublei 2000UNC1.00
Belarus *27500 rublei 2000UNC1.50
Belarus *281000 rublei 2000UNC1.80
Belgiumgelgium 100 francs 20 belga110100 francs ND 1938-47Fine15
Belgiumbelgium 10 francs 194812210 francs 1943Fine missing corner9
Belgiumbellgium 20 francs 195613220 francs 1956EF10
Belgiumbelfium 100 francs142100 francs ND 198-VF foxing10
Bermudabermuda 2dollars572 dollars 2009 prefix A1UNCSOLD
BermudaBermuda 5 dollars 2009585 dollars onion prefix 2009UNC25
Bhutan *bhutan 10 ngultrum2910 ngultrum 2006UNC3
Bhutan*bhutan 1 ngultrum271 ngultrum 2013UNC1
BhutanBhutan 5 ngultrum 2006285 ngultrum 2006UNC3
BhutanBhutan 50 ngultrum 20133150 ngultrumUNC8
BhutanBhutan 100 ngultrum P3232100
ngultrum 2011-2015
Bhutanbhutan 50033500 ngultrum 2011UNC28
Bhutan33500 ngultrum 2011VF20
Bhutanbhutan 1000 ngultrum341000 ngultrum 2008UNC40
Bhutanbhutan 100 ngutrum wedding banknote35100 ngultrum wedding in folderUNC30
Bhutanbhutan 100 ngultrum baby37100 ngultrum birth of royal babyUNC15
Biafrabiafra 1 pound51 PoundUNC5
Boliviabolivia 1 bolivano 19281385 bolivanos 1945UNCSOLD
Boliviabolivia 100 bolivanos 1945142100 bolivanos 1945UNC foxingSOLD
BoliviaBolivia 100000 bolivares 1984 banknote17110000 bolivanos 1984UNC4
BoliviaBolivia 10 bolivanos 24810 bolivanos 2018UNC7
Bosnia and Herzegovinabosnia herzogovina 100000 dinara
bosnia herzogovina 10000 dinara 1993
15410000 dinara 1993UNC foxing2.50
Bosnia and Herzegovinabosnia hercogovina 5000 dinara15650000 dinara 1993UNC3.50
Bosnia and Herzegovina *bosnia herzogovina 100 dinara13100 dinara 1992UNC1.50
Bosnia and Herzegovinabosnia herzogovina 500 dinara14500 dinara 1992UNC4
Brazilbrazil 5 cruzeiros 19611665 cruzeiros ND 1961UNC foxing4
Brazil*brazil 1 cruzeiro 191A1 cruzeiroUNC1.50
Brazilbrazil 5000 cruzeiros2275000 cruzerios 1990UNC light foxing6
Brazil *brazil 100000 cruziero huming bird238100000 cruzeriosUNC4
Brazilbrazil 1 real2431 realUNC3.50
Brazilbrazil 2 reals2442 realsUNC5
Brazilbrazil 5 reals
brazil 5 reals back
2455 reals ND 1994UNC9
Brazilbrazil 10 reals
brazil 10 reals back
24610 reals ND 1994AUNC15
Brazilbrazil 5 reals 20102535 reals 2010UNC8
brazil 10 reals 2010
25410 reals ND 2003-UNC15
Brazilbrazil 20 reals
brazil 20 reals
25520 reals ND 2000-UNCSOLD
British Armed ForcesM291 pound third series 1956UNC3
British Armed Forces *BAF 4th seriesM361 pound fourth series 1962UNC3
British Armed Forces *BAF 10 new penceM4810 new pence sixth series 1972UNC3
British Armed Forces *BAF 50 penceM4950 new pence sixth series 1972UNC3
Brunei11 ringgit 1967VF30
Brunei *brunei 1 ringgit11 ringgit 1967UNC foxing70
Brunei25 ringgit 1967 prefix A/1Fine40
Brunei25 ringgit 1967 prefix A/2VF60
Bruneibrunei 10 ringgit 1967310 ringgit 1967VF60
BruneiBrunei 50  ringgit 1967
Brunei 50 ringgit 1967 back
450 ringgit 1967 prefix A2VF300
Brunei *brunei 1 ringgit61 ringgit 1986-88UNC15
Brunei *brunei 5 ringgit75 ringgit 1986UNC40
Brunei810 ringgit 1986UNC60
Bruneibrunei 100 ringgit 198310100 ringgit 1983VF+190
Brunei10100 ringgit 1972 prefix A1AUNC350
Brunei *brunei 1 ringgit 1994131 ringgit ND 1989-95UNC8
Bruneibrunei 5 ringgit 1989145 ringgit ND 1989-95UNC30
Bruneibrunei 10 ringgit  19951510 ringgit 1995 Prefix B/9UNC45
Bruneibrunei 50 ringgit 1990  banknote for sale
brunei 50 ringgit back banknote for sale
1650 ringgit 1990VF 2 pinholes90
Bruneibrunei 25 ringgit com2125 ringgit commemorative 1992UNC50
Bulgaria *bulgaria 20 leva10120 leva 1992UNC2
Bulgariabulgaria 50 leva10250 leva 1992UNC3
Bulgariabulgaria 100 leva103100 leva 1992UNC4
Bulgariabulgaria 200 leva104200 leva 1992UNC5
BulgariaBulgaria 1000 leva1061000 leva 1996 with silver stripeUNC20
Bulgariabulgaria 1 leva1141 leva 1999UNC3
BulgariaBulgaria 20 leva 200512120 leva 2005 commemorative 120th anniv of central bankUNCSOLD
BurmaAlso see Myanmar for later issue
Burmaburma 1 dollar forex certFX11 foreign exchange certificateVF8
Burmaburma 5 dollars certFX25 foreign exchange certificateEF15
Burma510 rupees ND 1938EF+120
BurmaIndia 10 ru[pees KGVI2810 rupees ND 1945 KGVIVF+ 2 pinholes120
Burma *2810 rupees ND 1945 KGVIUNC200
Burmaburma 5 kyats 1958475 kyats ND 1958UNC 2 pinholes6
Burmaburma 10 kyats 19584810 kyats ND 1958UNC 2 pinholes10
Burmaburma 100 kyats 195851100 kyats ND 1958UNC 2 pinholes15
Burmaburma 5 kyats 1965

5 kyats 1965UNC 2 pinholes8
Burma *Burma 1 kyat banknote for sale561 kyat ND 1979UNC foxing1.50
Burmaburma 100 kyats 197661100 kyats ND 1976VF25
Burma *burma 35 kyats6335 kyats ND 1986Fine1
Burma *burma 75 kyats6575 KyatsVF2
Burma *burma 90 kyats 6690 kyats ND 1986UNC8
Burundiburundi 50 francs3650 francs 2005UNC3
Burundi *burundi 100 francs 199337100 francs 1993UNC2
Burundiburundi 1000 francs 1994391000 francs 1994UNC15
Burundiburundi 500 francs 200745500 francs 2007UNC5