About Us

Who We are

As the title of this website says, we collect world banknote and currencies. Everyone collects banknotes for different reasons and this is also the case for us.

It started with my father..

Like most collectors (at least among those I know), he started with collecting coins in his relatively young 20s. Besides coins, he also collected other stuffs like stamps, cards , pens, watches etc and banknotes. I am assuming he enjoys looking at them, especially notes with the then young and attractive Queen Elizabeth portraits. (after all, guys are guys!). I do know for sure he enjoys his collection as he whistles to himself as he browses through his collection. 🙂

He amassed more stuff and started sell/trade his pieces so he could raise funds to grow his collection. That was more than 50 years ago. Till today, he still collects pieces he likes but on an ad-hoc basis given his advanced age.

All these years when my father was actively collecting his banknotes, I accompanied him to the various trade shows. He did not understand a single word in English, so I was his translator cum interpreter when communicating with the tradeshow dealers.. That was my first encounter with world banknotes more than 20+ years ago. Even back then, people do collect world banknotes or currencies.

How I started collecting foreign paper money

Over time, I myself started to enjoy the process of looking at different types of world paper money available. I view my banknotes as (affordable) art pieces.

There was a 2 full table splendid display of those pre 1950s’ French territories banknotes clad in their currency holders in rich tapestry colors in one international paper money fair. I remembered being awed by those rich looking notes that did not look bad at all being 40-60 years in age. I was of impressionable age then and being ‘sallow’, I decided to have my own ‘masterpieces’ collection. That was how I started collecting.

Why I collect world banknotes

Besides their monetary value and as medium of exchange, banknotes are storytellers and tell a lot of stories and facts to its audience with keen eyes who are willing to study about them : its history, the ugly and horrific (e.g. khmer rouge regime’s strange photographic regional issue, the Japanese Invasion Money, Congo(Zaire) banknotes etc) , heroes and heroines and royalties, the defunct empires, from our Turkey Ottoman to the Western Powerhouses from Portugal, Spain, France. Great Britain, and et cetera, the country’s social and cultural norms, its nature and flora, architectural wonder…all these and more.

Simply, a banknote can encapsulate the essence of its nation. It makes my understanding of the world much more interesting, there is always something new I find out from other collectors, so another plus of engaging in this hobby, for me at least, is befriending like-minded individuals.

What about you? We hope you enjoy the collecting hobby as we have and if we have helped you in your hobby pursuits in anyway, we earn a brownie point for that. 🙂

Why do we create this website ?

We have a physical shop in Singapore and also sell online. We want to create a website to have a permanent presence as we feel a website can help us connect better with collectors or dealers worldwide.

Why no shopping cart or e- commerce option ?

This banknote collecting started as a hobby and we do this venture on part time basis and do not have the resources nor intent to sell our banknotes as a full fledged e-commerce shop.

We do not have real time update on our banknote stock so it would be better that we check availability of the pieces before you make payment. Plus, you can also clarify any questions you may have prior to making payment. Most importantly, this website is something we can still manage with our limited IT knowledge. 🙂