Queen Elizabeth portrait (Commonwealth) banknotes

Perennial popular Queen Elizabeth notes

We believe it is apt to dedicate a page to British Commonwealth notes and notably the issues with Queen Elizabeth portraits given my father’s early interest in banknotes arose from it. She is a well loved, long reigning female monarch (relatively scarce). The British empire extends from Asia to Africa continents over a century, so there is a vast selection of banknotes for collectors to choose from.

Our British commonwealth notes are mostly UNC and hence do not cover Malaya and North Borneo, which would be under ‘Banknotes by countries under M’.

We are using the SCWPM (Pick) catalogue, Modern issues, 21th Edition to reference the banknotes.

The photos are stock sample and you are getting a piece in the stated condition. We will provide running number of pieces if we have them and you are getting 2 or more pieces. We do not entertain special /lucky serial number requests.

Banknotes we have in quantity of 10 or more are marked with *

Australia *Australia 1 dollar 421 dollar Johnston & stone signUNC7
AustraliaAustralia 1 pound301 Pound Coombs & Wilson 1953-54 QEIIVery fine80
Australia341 Pound Coombs & Wilson 1960-61 QEIIVery fine70
BahamasBahamas 50 cents 1968P1750 cents 1965 Bahamas Monetary AuthorityEF pressed25
Bahamas27a1 dollar 1968 Bahamas Monetary AuthorityEF20
Bahamas27a1 dollar 1968 Bahamas Monetary AuthorityUNC55
BahamasBahamas 3 diollars 1968283 dollars 1968 Bahamas Monetary AuthorityVF20
Bahamasbahamas 1 dollar 197435b1 dollar 1974 Central Bank of BahamasEF20
Bahamas35a1 dollar 1974 Central Bank of BahamasUNC TONE SPOT45
Bahamas35a1 dollar 1974 Central Bank of BahamasVery fine15
BahamasBahamas 50 cents 197442a50 cents 1974 Central Bank of BahamasUNC20
Bahamas43b1 dollar 1974 Central Bank Act (1984) UNC foxing20
Bahamasbahamas 3 dollars 198444a3 dollars 1974 Central Bank of BahamasUNC12
Bahamas571 dollar 1996 Central Bank of BahamasEF16
Bahamas Bahamas 1 dollar 1996571 dollar 1996 Central Bank of BahamasUNC25
Bahamas5910 dollars 1996VF100
Bahamas Bahamas 50 cents 20016850 cents 2001 Central Bank of BahamasUNC7
Bahamas701 dollar 2002 Central Bank of Bahamas 2000EF15
BahamasBahamas 50 cents 2019Pnew50 cents 2019 UNC4
BahamasPnew3 dollars 2019UNC13
Belizebelize 1 dollar 1976331 dollar 1976 VF toning foxing65
BelizeBelize 1 dollar 1987461 dollar 1986 UNC25
Belizebelize 1 dollar 1990511 dollar 1990UNC35
Belize belize 2 dollars 199052a2 dollars 1990UNC20
Belize 52b2 dollars 1991UNC18
Belize54b10 dollars dd 1 June 1991EF36
Belize belize 5 dollars 61b5 dollars 2002 dd 1 Jan 2002 UNC20
Belize 6310 dollars dd 1 June 1997UNC80
Belize66b2 dollars 2003 dd 1 Jan 2005UNC10
Belize 66c2 dollars 2003 dd 1 Jan 2007UNC5
Belize675 dollars  dd 1 July 2009UNC13
BelizeBdelize 10 dollars68c10 dollars dd 1 Sep 2007UNC30
Belize 69d20 dollars dd 1 Aug 2010UNC55
Belizebelize 50 dollars 20097050 dollars 2009VF55
BermudaBermuda 1 dollar 1978281 dollar  1 April 1978UNC25
BermudaBermuda 10 dollars 19763010 dollars 1 April 1978  VF margin tear75
BermudaBermuda 2 dollars 1988342 dollars 1 Oct 1988 prefix B/1EF25
Bermuda342 dollars June 1997UNC25
BermudaBermuda 10 dollars 19893610 dollars 1989 low serial numberUNC120
BermudaBermuda 5 dollars 1997355 dollars 1997UNC60
Bermuda 515 dollars 2000 dd 24 May 2000UNC30
Cayman IslandsCayman 1 dollar 197451 dollar Cayman Islands Currency Board 1974UNC25
Cayman IslandsCayman islands 25 dollars 19961925 dollars Cayman Islands Currency Board 1996UNC130
Cayman IslandsCayman islands 100 dollars 1996 for sale20100 dollars 1996UNC280
Cayman Islands261 dollar Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 2001 series UNC18
Cayman Islands301 dollar 2003 commemorative issueUNC15
Cayman IslandsCayman islands 50 dollars 2003
Cayman islands 50 dollars 2003 back
3250 dollars
2003 issue
Cayman IslandsCayman 1 dollar 2006331 dollar Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 2006 series UNC9
Cayman IslandsCayman 5 dollars 2005345 dollars Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 2005 UNC38
Cayman Islands381 dollar Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 2010UNC6
Cayman IslandsCayman 5 dollars 2010395 dollars Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 2010UNC20
Cayman Islands4010 dollars Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 2010UNC30
Cayman Islandscayman 25 dollars 20104125 dollars Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 2010UNC75
Cayman IslandsCayman Islands 10 dollars 2010 for sale4250 dollars
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority prefix D/1 low serial no.
Cayman IslandsCayman 1 dollarPnew1 dollar Cayman Islands Monetary Authority 2018UNC4
Cayman Islandscayman 1 dollar 2018Pnew1 dollar  2018/2019 60th anniversary commemorative  prefix Q/2UNC8
Canada5820 dollars Thissen-Crow 1991UNC65
CanadaCanada 1 dollar 196474b1 dollar Beattie RasminskyUNC25
Canada75d1 dollar Lawson BoweyUNC18
CanadaCanada 2 dollars 195476b2 dollars Beattie RasminskyUNC28
Canada76d2 dollars Lawson BoweyUNC 30
Canada76d2 dollars Lawson BoweyVF15
CanadaCanada 5 dollars 1954775 dollars Beattie RasminskyVF40
CanadaCanada 10 dollars 19547810 dollars Beattie RasminskyFine+25
Canada7920 dollars Beattie RasminskyVF50
Canadacanada 1 dollar comm841 dollar 1967 commemorative UNC12
CanadaCanada 1 dollar 1974851 dollar 1969-75 Lawson Bowey, Crow BoweyUNC8
CanadaCanada 2 dollars 1974862 dollars 1974 Lawson Bowey .Crow BoweyUNC20
CanadaCanada 20 dollars8920 dollars 1969-75 VF+45
Canada *Canada 2 dollars 1986942 dollars 1986-91 Benin-ThiessenUNC8
Eastern Caribbean East caribbean 1 dollar 196713e1 dollar 1965 Antigua and barbudaUNC45
Eastern Caribbean 13g1 dollar 1965 signature variety 10UNC45
Eastern Caribbean Eastern caribbean 1 dollar 171 dollar 1985-88 Suffix K/U/AUNC35
Eastern caribbeanEastern caribbean 5 dollars 185 dollars 1985-88UNC45
Eastern Caribbean East caribbean 20 dollars for sale1920 dollars 1985-87  Suffix VVF+90
Eastern Caribbean East caribbean 5 dollars265 dollars 1993 suffix L/St LuciaUNC25
Eastern Caribbean 2710 dollars 1993 suffix L/St LuciaUNC35
Eastern Caribbean Eastern caribbean 10 dollars 4810 dollars 2008 issueUNC 18
Eastern caribbeanEastern caribbean 20 dollars4920 dollars 2008 issueUNC35
Eastern Caribbean Look like 48 silver security stripe5210 dollars 2015 issueUNC15
Eastern CaribbeanEastern caribbean 50 dollars 2016 for sale5450 dollars ND 2016UNC80
Falkland Islands125 pounds 150th anniversary 1833-1983 (looks like P17)UNC60
Falkland Islands1410 pounds 1 Sep 1986 (looks like P18)UNC80
Falkland IslandsFalkland 50 pounds1650 pounds 1 July 1990UNC190
Falkland IslandsFalkland 5 pounds175 pounds 14 June 2005 UNC25
Falkland IslandsFalkland 10 pounds1810 pounds 1 Jan 2011UNC40
Falkland IslandsFalkland 20 pounds1920 pounds 1 Jan 2011UNC80
Fiji602 dollars Government of Fiji 1968EF45
FijiFiji 1 dollar 1967711 dollar 1974EF45
FijiFiji 2 dollars722 dollars 1974EF55
FijiFiji 10 dollars7310 dollars 1974 VF100
FijiFiji 1 dollar 1970s761 dollar ND 1980 AU foxing25
FijiFiji 2 dollars87a2 dollars 1987-88 Swatibau signUNC20
FijiFiji 1 dollar 1980s891 dollar ND 1993UNC8
Fiji *Fiji 2 dollars 200796b2 dollars ND 1992-95 double prefixUNC7
FijiFiji 5 dollars 2007105b5 dollars 2002 double letter prefixUNC 15
FijiFiji 10 dollars 2002106a10 dollars 2002 double letter prefixUNC25
Fiji107a20 dollars 2002 double letter prefix UNC35
FijiFiji 50 dollars 199610850 dollars ND 1996 scarce signUNC100
Fiji *
Fiji 2 dollars 2010
1092 dollars 2007 issueUNC5
FijiFiji 5 dollars 20071105 dollars 2007 issueUNC10
FijiFiji 10 dollar 200711110 dollars 2007 issueUNC15
Fiji *Fiji 20 dollars 200711220 dollars 2007 issueUNC25
FijiFiji 50 dollars11350 dollars 2007 issueUNC60
FijiFiji 100 dollars114100 dollars 2007 issueUNC 120
Great Britainengland 10 shillings373c10 shillings 1961-64 J.S.FfodeUNC20
Great BritainEngland 1 pound374c1 pound 1960-64 Hollom signAU toning15
Great Britain364g1 pound 1960-64 J.B. page signAU15
Great Britain3755 Pounds ND 1964-66 Hollom signEF60
Great Britain377b1 Pound J.B. PageAU10
Great Britain37910 Pounds D.H Summer and G.M. Gill signVF60
Great Britain391d5 Pounds Chris Salmon sign UNC25
Great BritainGreat britain 20 pounds39220 PoundsUNC60
Great Britaingreat britain 50 pounds39350 poundsUNC200
Gibraltar20b1 Pound 15 Sep 1979UNC35
Gibraltar *GI(braltar 1 pound20e1 Pound 4 Aug 1988UNC12
GibraltarGibraltar 5 pounds21b5 Pounds 4 Aug 1988UNC45
GibraltarGibraltar 10 pounds 19862210 Pounds 21 Oct 1986UNC80
Gibraltargibraltar 50 pounds2450 Pounds 27 Nov 1986UNC180
GibraltarGibraltar 5 pounds295 Pounds Millennium commemorativeUNC35
GibraltarGibraltar 20 pounds 20043120 Pounds 2004 tercentenary commemorativeUNC 80
GibraltarGobraltar 10 pounds 20063210 Pounds 2006UNC45
GibraltarGibraltar 20 pounds 20063320 Pounds 2006UNC75
GibraltarGibrakltar 50 pounds 20063450 Pounds 2006UNC180
GibraltarGibraltar 5 pounds 2011355 Pounds 1 Jan 2011UNC20
GibraltarGibraltar 10 pounds 20113610 Pounds 1 Jan 2011UNC42
GibraltarGibraltar 20 pounds 20113720 Pounds 1 Jan 2011UNC75
GibraltarGibraltar 50 pounds 20113850 Pounds 1 Jan 2010UNC170
GibraltarGibraltar 100 pounds 2011
Gibraltar 100 pounds 2011
39100 Pounds 1 Jan 2010UNC290
GuernseyGUrnsey 5 pounds565 Pounds 1994-96 UNC35
GuernseyGurnsey 10 pounds5710 Pounds 1994-96UNC55
Guernsey5820 Pounds 1996 (looks like P61)UNC75
Guernseygurnsey 50 pounds5950 Pounds 1996UNC190
GuernseyGurnsey 20 pounds6120 Pounds 2012 Diamond JubileeUNC80
GuernseyPnew20 Pounds 2018 100th anniversary of WWI (looks like P61 prefix TGW)UNC80
Isle of Man291 Pound ND 1972EF toning50
Isle of Manisle of man 1 pound341 Pound ND 1979UNC35
Isle of ManIsle of Man 1 pound polymer381 Pound ND (1983) Bradvak polymerVF toning30
Isle of Man381 Pound ND (1983)UNC60
Isle of Manisle of man 50 pounds3950 Pounds 1983UNC200
Isle of ManIsle of Man 1 pound40b1 Pound ND 1983 reduced sizeUNC15
Isle of ManIsle of Man 5 pounds41b5 Pounds ND 1983 reduced sizeUNC25
Isle of Manisle of Man 20 pounds 20074520 Pounds ND 2000UNC toning top edge note100
Isle of Manisle of Man 10 pounds4710 Pounds ND 2007UNCSOLD
JamaicaJamaica 5 shillings
Jamaica 5 shillings back
51Ab5 shillings 1960(1964) English mottoEF120
Jamaica51Bb10 shillings 1960(1964) English mottoEF200
Jamaica51C1 pound 1960(1964) English mottoEF200
Jerseyjersey 10 shillings 19637a10 shillings 1963 EF foxing60
Jerseyjersey 1 pound 1978111 Pound 1976 Leslie May signUNC25
Jerseyjersey 1pound 2000261 Pound Ian Black sign ND 2000UNC10
Jerseyjersey 5 pounds275 Pounds Ian Black sign ND 2000UNC30
Jerseyjersey 10 pounds 20002810 Pounds Ian Black sign ND 2000UNCSOLD
Jerseyjersey 20 pounds2920 Pounds Ian Black sign ND 2000UNC105
JerseyJersey 1 pound 2004 comm for sale311 Pound ND 2004
80th anniversary British crown
Jersey *jersey1  pound 2010321 Pound  Ian Black 2000 prefix ADUNC6
JerseyJersey 5 pounds 2010335 Pounds Ian Black 2000 prefix ADUNC20
Jerseyjersey 10 pounds 20103410 Pounds Ian Black 2000 prefix DDUNC50
Jersey3520 Pounds Ian Black ND2000UNC75
Jersey3650 Pounds Ian Black ND 2000UNC250
Jersey jersey 100 pounds
jersey 100 pounds back

37100 Pounds ND 2012 Diamond JubileeUNC280
Mauritiusmautitius 10 rupees 19673110 rupees ND 1967Aunc foxing50
Mauritiusmautitius 50 rupees 3350 rupees ND 1967UNC300
MauritiusP30-335,10,25,50 rupees ND 1967UNC550
New ZealandNZ 1 dollar1631 dollar 1967 Hardie signVF15
New Zealand1631 dollar 1967 Hardie and Knight signUNC foxing25
New Zealand1631 dollar 1967 Hardie star replacement UNC foxing35
New Zealand1642 dollars 1977-81 Hardie signUNC30
New Zealand1642 dollars 1977-81 Hardie signVF20
New Zealand1642 dollars 1977-81 Hardie star replacementUNC foxing45
New ZealandNZ 5 dollars1655 dollars 1975-77 Knight & Hardie signVF40
New Zealand1655 dollars 1975-77 Hardie star replacementAUNC70
New Zealand1691 dollar 1989-1992 Brash sign AUNC10
New Zealand1691 dollar 1989-1985 Hardie signAUNC toning13
New ZealandNZ 2 dollars1702 dollars 1981-85 Hardie and Brash signUNC16
New ZealandNZ 5 dollars brash1715 dollars 1989-92 Brash signUNC35
New Zealand17210 dollars 1989-92 Russell sign VF25
New ZealandNZ 10 dollars 17210 dollars 1989-92 Russell sign AUNC toning45
New Zealand17320 dollars 1989-92 Brash sign EF75
New ZealandNew Zealand 10 dollars 1990 17610 dollars Treaty of Waitangi 1990 comemorative prefix BBB, no folderUNC50
Rhodesiarhodesia 1 pound 1964251 Pound 1964VF250
Saint Helena550 new pence 1976-79 issueUNC25
Saint HelenaSt helena 5 pounds75 Pounds 1976-79 issueUNC50
Saint HelenaSt. Helena 1 pound91 Pound 1981-86 issueUNC15
Saint Helena1110 PoundsUNC35
Saint HelenaSt.Helena 20 pounds1220 PoundsUNC foxing150
Solomon IslandsSolomon islands 2 dollarsP5a2 dollars 1977UNC35
Solomon IslandsP65 dollars 1977UNC80
Solomon IslandsSolomon islands 10 dollarsP710 dollars 1977 UNC100
Trinidad and TobagoTrinidad and tobago 1 dollar261 dollar 1964 VF35